Sharon Champagne Terry Brings the Renaissance Back

It’s not often that the art world welcomes a true Renaissance woman. Still, such is the case with Sharon Champagne Terry, whose well-versed and diverse work has taken over the literary, film, and general entertainment genres. Accordingly, the artist and performer is ushering in a new and contemporary Renaissance into various sectors of society. 

Champagne is an actor, author, screenwriter, motivational speaker, radio show host, and entrepreneur, among many other things. Yet, despite traversing across various practices and expressions, she has grown fluent expertise in every form of art and entertainment she puts her mind to most, if not all of the time.

As an actress, she has appeared on many projects, including playing the role of Vanessa in a comedy by the well-known comedian and writer Uncle Trent titled I’ll Drink To That. She has also appeared in films like Living the Dream and web series like In Between Jobs, to name a few titles in her vast filmography. 

On top of her on-screen work, Champagne also thrives behind the scenes as she puts her heart and mind into creating shows herself. She recently worked on a TV pilot The Goddess, which is set to air in the fall under the banner of the MJOWN Network on streaming platform Ruk. She’s also currently a screenwriting trainer at the Coach John Screenwriting Academy.

The actress also likes to move in the literary arts space as she has penned various fiction stories, such as The Goddess of Love, Lust and Infatuation Part 1, Blissful Lust Part 2, Dark Memories and The Crossover. Consequently, her writing prowess has brought her various honors, including being chosen as the Author of the Year in the Roca Awards twice in a row.

She also won the Top Female Author of 2019 honor in the Author Academy Awards. As an entrepreneur, she also founded Champagne books and currently takes care of all corporate and administrative needs for her book projects. 

Sharon Champagne Terry has also modeled for runways and photo shoots under the helm of top-tier modeling agency Hass Entertainment and has modeled for some of the poshest events in the modeling world, such as The Night of Elegance and The Night of Elegance Summit in New York City. Champagne currently leads the way for all plus-size models as she continues to grow her personal brand and thrive in her modeling career.

With all that Sharon Champagne has going for herself, it’s difficult to imagine how she can balance them all. But she has done more than enough to prove to the world that she can juggle all her works and shine as a Renaissance woman in a day and age where the rush and speed of things seem to rule practically any industry. 

Champagne hopes to inspire other women through her work and life to continue pursuing their dreams no matter what the world might say to bring one down. She hopes that her life would become a testament to what passion and dedication can bring to anyone who dreams big enough and puts in the hard work necessary to thrive in any industry. 

To learn more about Champagne Terry, visit her website and Instagram profile.

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