Shashicka Tyre-Hill on Traveling and Exploring to Develop a Broader Mindset

Growth is a topic that people like to talk about, day in, day out. It affects significant aspects of life, from learning to relationships and personal development. However, growth is important because if in a year, you notice there is no change in your life, it means that you are stagnant. It’s time to pick up the small pieces, join the dots and start evaluating to see where the problem lies. Shashicka Tyre-Hill believes greatly that traveling and exploring can impact growth in positive ways.

The problem with not being open-minded is that you only rely upon others to work from your ways. Such a mindset can negatively affect you, especially if you are a business owner. If you run a business and have people under you, listen to their ideas and give them a chance to nurture and grow your business. Traveling to different organizations can help with gaining insight on how business owners are developing plans of growth with and through their staff.

One of the benefits of traveling is that you return refreshed and renewed. You are ready to jump into work with new ideas and a burst of energy. Let’s face it—some people have very stressful careers and it can cause a great deal of exhaustion. Engaging in fun activities can increase endorphins that activates and relieves your responses to stress. If you get out of town and engage in fun activities, you release all the tension from within. At the return from your leisure, you will find a new found love for your business, create better business solutions and opportunities, and better meet the needs of your clients.

Once you start discovering new places, you will find that self-care is important and it doesn’t hurt if you are having fun doing it. Shashicka Tyre-Hill loves to travel and finds it therapeutic and vital in developing a broader mindset, and you, too, should try it out.

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