Sheena Leveraging Online Industry To Build 7 Figure Digital Product Business.

If you have ever wondered how it could be possible to grow a business online while managing the demands of motherhood, life, business, and just about everything else you can think of in the modern-day and age; SheeWorks is here to help. Each carefully created offer, course, and service has been created with the intention to help more women have a greater impact on their own lives and the lives of those around them.

The number one problem that SheeWorks solves is helping more women make more money online. This is done through a number of different ways including accessibility designed and priced on-demand courses, high touch coaching programs, and done for your services to meet the needs of women entrepreneurs at every level of their business journey.

As a founder, Sheena explains; SheeWorks represents the combination of who they serve and what they do. SheeWorks specifically added the extra “e” to promote the new digital era of business ownership and growth. SheeWorks represents, helps, and creates opportunities for women all around the world.

“SheeWorks is here to make a lot of women a lot of money”, founder Sheena Works said candidly. “We are making a bold statement because we want to create bold results.” SheeWorks is here to make as much business information accessible and available to as many women as possible. We approach all of the programs differently. We focus on the most direct and clear path to the quickest actions you can take as a business owner. Whether you have five minutes a day, or hours to invest in your business, the goal of SheeWorks is to provide some way to help you.

SheeWorks prides itself in having three tiers at which they work with clients. Whether it be through their on-demand courses where you can learn the right skills to propel your idea or business forward, group coaching and masterminds, where getting in the right room can accelerate your growth in powerful ways, or their done for you services; aimed at helping high achieving women grow and scale at a quicker rate. As Sheena explains, “We want to meet women in three core areas of business and entrepreneurship; launch, levelling up and leaving their legacy. It is so important that each woman we work with is fully represented and that we are constantly thinking outside of the box in terms of what is available to them and how they can put as much time as they have into moving their business and expertise forward.”

The number one problem that SheeWorks provides is creating offers and services that meet women where they are in the process, while not including a bunch of fluff in the process. “We believe in having a stripped-down, direct version of what it really takes to be successful online. Our offers are carefully created to meet women where they are in the three levels of their entrepreneurial journey. Not the other way around.” Sheena says. What she further explained is that there is so much jargon out there right now, so many gurus pushing their ideas with heavily scripted programs and offers that often lead newbies confused and veterans uninspired. SheeWorks is here to change the game in women entrepreneurship by removing the pieces that don’t actually help you move forward in your own business.

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