Shilpa Dhar is a Famous Author, Actor and Astrologer

Shilpa Dhar has marked a global presence in the field of Astrology. She has clients across the globe in Vastu Shastra and Astrology. Considering her potential and vast expertise, Acharaya P. Khurrana, leading Astrologer of International repute and father of Ayushaman Khurrana, recently conferred her with his legacy (19th July 2021), which was all over the news.

While conferring her with his legacy he stated that legacy is not to be necessarily passed on to your own blood but to the one who really qualifies for it. He informed the press that there were many intellectuals across the country who had approached him for the continuation of his legacy but he always refused, because he didn’t find any spiritual mettle in them.

Despite the fact that a number of people have approached him for his legacy, he was unable to decide until he met Shilpa Dhar, who shared the dias with him. She selflessly passed all the tough examinations of the Guru, thereby he felt honored to pass on his legacy to Miss Shilpa Dhar while blessing her with a shawl. He also stated that every other person he met wanted to be an overnight star, unlike Miss Shilpa, who had tremendous patience to wait for this day.

While conferring the legacy, Shilpa Dhar was wished by Jackie Shroff, Meet Brothers, Lakhwinder Wadali, Khushwant Walia, Vindhu Dara Singh, Roshan Prince, Ajitabh Bachan, Anshul Trivedi, etc. on this occasion through video bytes.

Apart from being a spiritual person, she is extremely talented and a famous author. Having authored four books (Hearts Planet, Falling for Love Again, Mystical Powers of Rudraksha…… Shilpa D Dhar and Seven Lessons Cinema Taught me….. Shilpa D Dhar, with five on five ratings and foreword penned down by Jackie Shroff). Her last book had an outstanding achievement on Amazon.

P Khurrana had once told her to author a book, which to his surprise was penned down by her in just three days. Writing two hundred pages, in just one go speaks volumes about her dedication. Shilpa Dhar, a B. Tech by qualification, started her journey in the field of cinema. Shilpa Dhar is a face of Pollywood Cinema and has featured in not just hit Punjabi films but her recent release is a Hindi film on the OTT platform which was a 2021 release.

She has also worked in TV shows for Big Magic and Disney Channel. Acting, she says would always be her first passion. Shilpa has also sung a Bollywood number called “Jungle Jungle”, which was released by Venus. This track was written, produced, and directed by her.

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