Shirley Ju Takes Hip Hop by Storm

Shirley Ju is a veteran music journalist who works around the clock because she believes hip-hop never sleeps. She has 11 years of experience working as an on-camera host, journalist, and artist relations manager in the music industry. She previously worked at Power 106 as a Digital Content Producer / Artist Relations Manager. Apart from that, she started her new show titled Shirley’s Temple, pushing her initiative to help musicians battling mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc.In addition, she runs her own blog and her vlog series titled FOMOvlog.

Shirley Ju was always fascinated by the melody and charm of music from a very young age. She started her journey into hip-hop with True Magazine, where she got her first on-camera interview with Ty Dolla $ign. She also interned with DJ city while she was attending UCLA, and began contributing to HotNewHipHop writing stories, lists, and album reviews.

She then moved on to evolve in her career as an Editorial intern with HipHopDX. She was a freelancer there looking after the company’s music section and social media presence. Her dedication and hard work towards her job landed her a promotion to Editor-At-lLarge in HipHopDX. Her job responsibility involved contribution to different facets of the publication.

While working in HipHopDX, Shirley Ju was also assigned to write a column called FOMOblog covering dope events across Los Angeles. She later started her personal blog by the same name where she shared her memorable experiences at different shows, events, red carpets, movies, etc. Besides her freelance activities, she also worked as a journalist and on-camera host for Power 106 where she managed to rise to the position of Artist Relations Manager and Digital Content Producer.

Her life has been full of challenges both on her professional and personal sides. She had to work 6 other side hustles apart from her permanent job at the media station to make ends meet. Shirley Ju had worked as a waitress for 9 years to support her education. She also worked at Joyrich on Melrose and as a copywriter for Young & Reckless.

Her life in her early 20’s has been a rollercoaster ride. Born and brought up in the Bay area, Shirley Ju graduated from UCLA in 2013 and began to grow in the entertainment industry. She had to face a lot of competition, corporate politics, failures, and criticisms. Sometimes she even felt like quitting everything but her passion for music motivated her to carry on. She has battled depression and suffered from bipolar disorder. She’s active on social media, especially on Instagram where people can connect with her.

Her blog and vlog series have been her escape where she’s able to share her feelings and experiences with like-minded people. Realizing the challenges that a person encounters in the music industry, she started her YouTube channel to help them overcome their fears. She feels that the music industry is a tough place to be where there are many obstacles. Sometimes these can take a toll on one’s mental health. She understood the importance of mental health in order to live her dreams and now wants to help others going through similar ordeals.

Regardless of her challenges, obstacles, and fears, she has continued to survive and thrive in the music industry due to her love for music. For Shirley Ju, music is her life and she never gets tired of it. She is still working hard to grow in the industry and hopes to achieve her goals in the near future.

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