Shivam Birk – The New Shining Star in Galaxy of Music

Shivam Birk, the young lyricist, Actor and Producer from Birk village near Phagwara of Punjab, where the music is in blood of every person because Punjabi music’s lyrics and beats are catchy, cool, mood refreshing and addictive, and not in India but all over the world, this regional music is loved due to these qualities as in a pub or ride to work Punjabi songs can uplift the spirits of listener.

Shivam is also no different because he is also famous for his superb music videos with appealing music. He owns JBD Production under which a song named “Italy” was produced in Italy itself to enhance the quality of music video. The song was beautifully sung by Karan Bhanot.

Shivam started his career in 2018 as a lyricist, composer, and  producer with a devotional song “Mera Baba Balak Nath” under JBD Production and since then, he has worked on a several numbers of projects. The success of this single, opened the door of many opportunities and inspired Shivam to move ahead on this path to achieve the desired success.

Shivam as a producer is also a lyricist which helps him to be in control of writing of the material whether he himself written or not and put great efforts to make it sound like an organized song. He says that it’s the amalgamation of thoughts and real-life incidents that take its form as soothing lyrics and this exquisite aspect of writing has inspired him to establish his career as a lyricist.

He keeps close track on all the shots and sounds that what, when and how much it is played, if the vocals which have been recorded are correct or there are chances to improve the appeal of the overall impact of song. This rigorous process helps him to be a true professional and excel in his field.

Shivam understands that songs are ageless and enjoyed by people of all generations, therefore, he wants to work and create a team of such performers and technicians who are like minded and may help him to achieve his utmost goal.

While talking about his future goals, Shivam says that he would like to explore other genres of songs as it would help him traverse the facets of the Industry and would help him evolve as an artist. He further adds that he is quite enthusiastic about the opportunities that he gets and would love to work on them putting in his constant efforts to deliver incredible results.

For Shivam, it has been a thrilling and roller-costar journey because he got the experience to be a part of a blooming industry that has offered a variety of opportunities and platforms to learn from. Shivam knows that being a producer and lyricist not necessary fetch him the recognition which singers and performers enjoy but their success is depend on the unique vision and skills of lyricists, composer and producers as they push artists to go through several challenges and yet complete the project in timely manner.

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