Shivam Shukla: Eminent Hotelier, Working to Uplift Hospitality Industry

“Far away the best prize that life offers is chance to work hard at work worth doing”

Hospitality Industry is contemplated to be one of the largest field in the business world today, which is still expanding very rapidly. The industry around the world includes jobs at Hotels, motels, restaurant, bars, resorts, theme park and a lot more. Basically hospitality industry covers a wide range of organizations offering food services and accommodation.

It has various sectors which are divided as per the services provided by them. Within few years the swift innovation has led to more people showing interest towards this business. Just the idea and capital is not sufficient to start up such industries. One needs to have a good command over the implementation of the idea.

Shivam Shukla, an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, is working as a Hotelier (Hotel consultant) and he is a director of “Cutting Edge Hotel Consultant Pvt Ltd”. Since 2013, when he dropped the plan for pursuing ‘Defense Service’ and opted to start working with his dad to open their hotel. In 2014, Shivam Shukla opened his first restaurant “Shukla’s Kitchen”.

He is continuing to work with a vision ‘To have hotel and facility management chain across India’ and to bring inspiration and innovation to every entrepreneur out there.

‘it’s not just about the idea, it’s about making an idea happen’. Shivam Shukla is one of the Leading young businessmen, with knowledgeable skills and commendable innovative ideas to make the plan a success. in the year 2017, he with his team has opened 2 Hotels in Chhattisgarh: ‘Hotel Trinity Grand’ and ‘Hotel Raj Imperial’.

His team of ‘Cutting Edge’ worked to train all the staff in hospitality and he made both the hotels stand in the ‘3- star category’. Later they handed over the hotels to the owners. Opening hotels go beyond having a building structure and numerous rooms. As it comes under hospitality business, so it should be the place where guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

One has to be an ultimate good host to be an ideal businessman in this industry. The reputation as a hotel relies on the satisfaction of the people that stay there. Certain attributes make a successful hotel:  Location, which should be close to attraction hubs so that more people seek interest to stay there.

Amenities include complimentary breakfasts, pools, business amenities, and more. It leaves a positive customer experience. Cleanliness, Friendly staff, Safety for guests and their luggage. Following these protocols helps in defining the standard and category in which the business lies.

In this changing world where every business field is enhancing so is this industry. With the development, the competition among the hospitality, hotel industries became fierce. If the organization wants to grow in this enhancing world, the organization must stay innovative and must involve in implementing new ideas about how to attract the customer, high customer satisfaction is one priority and they have to maintain high quality and services.

Managers need to train their staff in multiple hospitality skills to achieve targets and to maintain the standard for their hotels. All over it’s a team work in hospitality industry which results in success.

“Don’t limit yourself, go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe remember, you can achieve”.

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