Shivam V. Nair: An Entrepreneur/Influencer per Excellence

Shivam V. Nair, An Entrepreneur/Influencer from India who is a sailor simultaneously.

Shivam V. Nair

Shivam V. Nair hails from Mumbai, India, and has his influence across all walks of life. We find Shivam V. Nair incredible when it comes to presenting himself as the best in this world. He started early as a Sailor and remained social media savvy from the very first day of his career. Shivam V. Nair is also the Founder/President of Ministry of Hip Hop Inc., a record label based in Mumbai, and Co-owner/Director of Okbronetwork, an Agency which manages various celebrities from the B-Town & is and is best known as Head Of Public Relations & Celebrity Management at DPIFF (Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival & Awards) until October 2020.

Shivam V. Nair is also a professional sailor working on tanker ships since 2012. He was born on the 16th of February, 1994. As of 2020, he lives in Mumbai, India. Shivam’s knack for fashion has helped him emerge in other fields working with top brands and designers. Shivam V. Nair is also an elder brother to Shlok Nair, An Entrepreneur – CEO for Okbronetwork, Mumbai. From the very start, Nair had the vision to become something different from the remainder and achieve success. Today Shivam V. Nair may be a popular name referred to as one among the sharpest minds within the entrepreneur world.

With his good presence on social media and with several ventures coming one after the other, he is all set to rule the world of the internet. He is going the long way. Shivam V. Nair is known to have the heart of a wild child who owns the spirit of a wild child. Backed with an incredible experience at a young age, he remains the talk of the town in the marine sector. He is also known to be in touch with some bigwigs in Bollywood. This speaks about his good network in Tinsel Town. He is a young and energetic entrepreneur who is doing a great job in his field and seems to be doing a great job in this domain.

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