Shokran Parwani: Fighter in the Ring and Father Outside the Ring

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, and later raised in Germany, professional boxer Shokran Parwani calls many places his home. But where he is from is not what is most important to Shokran. Shokran finds strength and peace in his family. Shokran, about his home, has said, “Yes, I was born in Kabul and feel connected to my home country. But I am also a ‘Hamburg boy’ and I have this city and the country in my heart because I have found a new home.”

Standing at 6”3” and 200 pounds, Shokran finds himself competing in the cruiserweight division. As he has cruised through each of his challengers, the lefty fights in the southpaw stance.

His first professional match against Ognjen Maric took place in July of 2016 when Shokran was just 24 years old. Shokran’s skill proved dominant when he logged his first professional knockout in the first round. The next 14 matches that followed proved to be no different. Twelve of his fifteen matches were won by knockout. With a perfect record of 15-0, Shokran has proved himself to be a formidable opponent.

Shokran is clearly no stranger to victories. But two of those victories stand out from the rest of them. Shokran received international attention as the World Boxing Federation International champion in 2017. After defeating his more accomplished opponent, Frank Bluemle, in the fifth round, the WBF named him the boxer of the month. More recently in 2019, Shokran won the title as the German light heavyweight champion. With the win to claim the German title, Shokran handed Cem Kurnazcan his first loss. Both of these feats are more than impressive, but Shokran made it look easy. However, Shokran will be the first to tell you that it only looked easy because of the hard work and dedication of him and his support team.

Training bouts in Russia, Cuba, England, the USA, and Spain have allowed Shokran to become the best version of himself inside and outside the ring. We have seen the disciplined and successful fighter in the ring; however, outside the ring, Shokran is a dedicated father to his son. More about his training and personal life can be found on his website (, his YouTube (@S P), and his Instagram (@shokranparwani).

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