Shokran Parwani Looks to Get Back in the Ring

Shokran Parwani is back and better than ever. The professional boxer from Hamburg is looking towards Moscow for his next bout. Facing fellow light heavyweight Vikapita Meroro, Shokran looks to improve his record to 16-0. Nicknamed “Beast Master,” Meroro comes in with a record of 28-7 proving to be a worthy competitor. However, Shokran has shown no signs of worry, only signs of hard work and dedication. Anyone following Shokran’s social media platforms knows he is more than ready to get back in the ring for an official fight.

Shokran has recently been in the ring training with WBO World Champion Lawrence Okolie. There is no doubt that Shokran is in good company with champion level trainers and boxers. Maintaining his physique and health is an entire job within itself; however, Shokran makes sure to let all of his supporters know what he is up to.

Not only is Shokran training non stop, but he is dedicated to being a father non stop. It is hard to grasp how Shokran is able to do all that he does. Somehow he is able to train and facilitate his son’s boxing career, all the while maintaining his own status as a world class boxer. It is evident from Shokran’s Instagram page that his son is not just his son but also his best friend. In a sweet post of him holding his son in the ring after a match Shokran writes, “This little dude right here is real life my right hand man.”

Despite the setbacks of the world pandemic, Shokran is ready to prove himself worthy again. With an international championship title in 2017 and a German national title in 2019, Shokran looks to dominate in the ring in the next upcoming months.

In order to follow along with Shokran’s career and personal life take a look at his Instagram (@shokranparwani) and his Twitter (@shokranparwani). Not only does the boxer brand himself well through his social media and available merchandise, but he truly lives the lifestyle needed to be the best.

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