Should I Pick Google Ads or SEO?

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When you’re looking to pick up traffic, it can be hard to decide on the most effective method for your site. Your target demographic is out there, and you just need to find the most efficient way to reach them.

When it comes to picking between Google Ads and SEO, it’s important that you know the difference, and which one might better suit your interests. Google Ads, for example, could be seen as a more instant result, while SEO is a slower, yet longer-lasting method. Overall, both are helpful for diverting traffic to your site, it’s just a matter of your needs.

Google Ads

Directing people to your site is all about creating more opportunities for people to find it, and one way to do that is with Google Ads. When you pay for Google Ads, you’re paying per click, and you’re paying to have a visual advertisement displayed based on the users’ internet footprint. If you’ve ever been browsing certain sites or social media sites and have seen advertisements relevant to products that you have shown interest in, then you should be familiar with how it works.

Your advertisement is shown to someone who has shown interest in the product or service you’re selling, and you pay Google when a user clicks on it. This way you’re not paying to market to a broad amount of people, and you only pay when the advertisement works.

The obvious downside to this is that people often ignore advertisements, or don’t see them due to services like ad blockers, which are becoming increasingly popular. While it’s a great method of bringing people to your site, it’s not always the most effective.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method of making your domain higher ranked in a search engine. The Search Engine Results Page displays its results based on how that engine has ranked it, and it’s up to you to increase that rank. You can do so by creating a more refined website, with useful content and easy navigation. It needs to draw in users and encourage engagement, so it’s important to create quality content. It’s a lot more effort than Google Ads and requires constant input.

However, when you create such content for your page, that is permanent, and you don’t need to pay for it. There are also services like Exo Agency, which you can find at, which can help you handle it for your site. There is a range of different SEO methods you could be utilizing, including both internal and external links.

Why Not Both?

SEO is great for attracting users to pages that are commonly looked for, using keywords to land your site higher in the SERP rankings, but what of the pages that people aren’t commonly searching for? You can use Google Ads to fill those gaps to create a solid strategy for increasing the overall traffic on your site. Both services require you to provide quality content if you want them to be effective.

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