Why You Shouldn’t Connect With Influencers And What to Do Instead

Now, I know this headline might seem funny posting on a site called “Influencive” but the point I am trying to get across and—something that allows me to get such amazing guests on my show—is that from an early age, my parents always reinforced in me, “Everybody is equal, no person is better than another and that even the most successful people started out somewhere.”

This viewpoint and outlook on life has made a massive impact in my life, especially with my show the, “Career Breakthrough Series,” where I interview the worlds top career-change, mindset, peak performance and entrepreneurship experts. I’ve had the luck to have some amazing guests such as Grant Cardone, Matt Manero, Libby Gill, Cherie Aimee, Eddie Pinero, and many more.

All of the people I interview are “Influencive” because of the hard work, hustle and passion for what they do. But the key to securing these amazing guests and recording a valuable interview is not viewing them as such. Instead, they are just amazing people who each have their own incredible story, journey and experiences to share that could massively change the life of someone listening.

By seeing everyone as on the same level, you break down a lot of the barriers and fears and open yourself and your guest up to ask and answer some of the more nitty gritty areas that really matter and can change someone’s life.

I thought I would share my top tips to effectively connect with anyone and quickly build rapport.

1. Think Outside the Box to Connect with Them

I previously pitched Naomi Simson—the Founder of “Red Balloon” and one of the sharks on “Shark Tank” here in Australia—in December last year. Her management told me Naomi was too busy which is understandable, but I only needed 15-20 mins for the interview. So recently Naomi started an amazing Facebook group which I joined. I created a customized pitch video and uploaded it to the group. She responded with, “Great Pitch, Well Done.” I was taken aback as this was from an entrepreneur who listens to people constantly pitch on “Shark Tank”.

Naomi’s management then got in contact with me to schedule our interview.

My biggest takeaway from this is the power in understanding your guest and how some of their amazing achievements, skills, or experiences have impacted you and can impact your audience. It’s all about adding value.

I started off my video by saying, “Your book has made such an inspirational impact on my life and how I work with my clients, I would love to share your amazing message, journey, experiences with my audience. My show does X to help Y, and I feel like I would be doing my audience a disservice by not sharing your incredible advice, keep up the brilliant work, I am so proud of you”. I genuinely mean this, and Naomi’s book has made a massive impact for me.

2. Be Persistent

I have been rejected from numerous interviews because I had no social proof. People close to me kept saying, “You are aiming too high trying to get that person on.”  I just laughed and said, “Watch me.” I am persistent and will always find a way even if it takes me a year. Don’t listen to the opinions of others about what you can achieve or who you can connect with. Even if you face rejection, keep trying or take a different direction to connecting with that person.

3. Sharing Is Caring

One thing I love doing which quickly builds a stronger trust and level of rapport is connecting my previous guests with one another where I can see a great connection or that they can add value to each other. This has created some amazing opportunities among my previous guests and some exciting projects for them.

I always want to offer as much value and support to my guests as possible. I always look out for ways to share out a product, book or resource they have, or for any other way I can help them out.

Familiarizing yourself with your guest’s age, what their values are, who they are as a person, what they are passionate about, what they do in their business is crucial to gaining a more in-depth interview and conversation.

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