SHRAPNEL: A First-Person Shooter, Play-to-Earn Game on Avalanche

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In the aftermath of a massive asteroid collision with the moon, meteorites have bombarded the earth, leaving behind a valuable substance called Compound Sigma. Highly trained mercenary extraction forces (MEFs) have assembled to enter the zone where Compound Sigma is located. They must extract the precious substance and return to their home bases with their loot.

In SHRAPNEL, players will take on the role of these mercenaries, competing against each other to extract the most compound sigma they can. But be careful – the zone is full of hazards that can destroy your equipment, slow you down, and end your life. The game is play-to-earn, meaning you can earn tangible crypto rewards for playing and winning. So gear up and get ready to fight for your share of the loot in SHRAPNEL!

note: SHRAPNEL is still in the early stages of development.


The central focus of the gameplay is conducting missions to extract a substance called compound sigma and collecting gear from fallen rivals. MEFs must collect as much compound sigma and gear as possible, and then make it to an extraction point in order to win that session. Other MEFs will be competing for the same resources at the same time you are. This ensures gameplay will be competitive and tense. Extracted loot in the form of NFTs are then stored in an inventory so players can level up their skills and capabilities. Finally, SHRAPNEL gameplay rewards strategy and risk-taking.

Players have the ability to choose between three different operator classes: Assault, Survivalist, and InfoSec. There isn’t much in the whitepaper about the differences between each class, but one can use their imagination to figure it out. The different strengths and weaknesses of each class encourage alliances and team-building skills. A nice feature is the ability for players to experiment with a temporary operator class that won’t jeopardize their gear.

A vital component of the game involves how players equip their operators from newly created gear (minted NFTs) and gear they’ve extracted from other fallen players inside of the zone. There are 4 categories of gear: weapons, armor, consumables, and technology. Categories of gear range from low-tech and dependable to high-tech and prone to failure. Gear can be reconfigured as players learn the benefits and drawbacks of each category.


SHRAPNEL gives its players creative control over the gear their operators carry and the maps they navigate during gameplay. The SHRAPNEL team will create several base assets for players to get started, but then players can create vanity items, operator gear, and unique maps. Players can mint these items as NFTs and sell them on the SHRAPNEL marketplace. Players can also stake $SHRAP, the game’s token, onto gear or maps and receive rewards in $SHRAP based on item popularity. Plans to become a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) are in the works as well. This means players will have a vote on design elements and the overall direction of the game as it evolves.

Game Economy

SHRAPNEL has 4 categories of how people can participate in its economy:

  1. Players: buy gear and extract gear from the zone to sell on the marketplace.
  2. Creators: make vanity items, weapons, and maps, then benefit from the popularity of those items.
  3. Curators: discover great content for the game and get rewarded.
  4. Land Owners: make an investment into the game (own a piece of land) and receive rewards.


Token: $SHRAP

Blockchain: Avalanche (ERC-20)

Amount: 3 Billion, non-inflationary.

Distribution: 33% community rewards. 27% Team. 20% seed-token holders. 7% strategic holders. 5% public sale. 5% ecosystem fund. 3% market making and liquidity.

$SHRAP is used for minting, governance, staking, and gas fees.

SHRAPNEL has a nice lockup schedule with no team/advisor, seed token holders, and strategic holder tokens being unlocked until after 6 months.

For more information on exactly how each category (players, creators, curators, and land owners) can earn rewards in $SHRAP, you can check out pages 18-22 in the whitepaper.


As mentioned earlier, SHRAPNEL is VERY early in its development. Right now, they are in Phase 00, which they call Reserves. Essentially this means they are building social media channels, engaging community members, and beginning the voting process for such things as the most popular design for their operator characters.

Team and Partners

The SHRAPNEL team is large and full of talent. You can check out the team page here.

Core Team: 27 members. Only 3 team members are not doxxed.

Advisors: 17 members. All doxxed.

Partners: Check out the partner and investor page here.

Final Thoughts

SHRAPNEL has an eye-catching design, one that makes you want to find out more right away. Initially looking at their website, whitepaper, and social sites, it’s clear that significant thought, design, and time has gone into the project so far. Twitter follower numbers are solid, the website is beautiful, and the whitepaper is full of good information in a no-nonsense manner. A great feature is how there are multiple ways for different categories of people to earn with $SHRAP. Lots of opportunities for creative gamers.

The storyline draws potential players in right away. It’s far enough in the future to seem distant, yet close enough to seem realistic. The storyline draws on the human desire for precious resources combined with the inescapable fact that humans can often achieve better results through teamwork. So far, SHRAPNEL has a talented team, is receptive to player input, has creative rewards, and a compelling storyline.


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