Siam Sports Management Offers A Different Kind of NFL Representation

Siam Sports Management is doing things a little differently than the typical NFL agents. Ali Siam represents NFL athletes and collegiate football players hoping to get into the NFL, and he is not about flashy cars or making promises he cannot keep.

In an industry where there are roughly 650 licensed agents, and just over 300 athletes drafted by the NFL every year, choosing the right agent is vital. Siam’s passion is helping athletes succeed at both playing as a professional and at building up a foundation for a successful and prosperous life beyond the game.

Siam Sports Management is not one of those huge impersonal agencies, it is an authentic family atmosphere, with the resources of a big firm. Siam is honest from day one, always upfront about what is going on, every step of the way. He takes on the role of a big brother, a mentor, and guides athletes through the process of getting ready for the draft, combines, and interviews.

Siam looks at the whole picture, for him, it is not simply about getting a signature and dollar sign. This means getting to know the whole family and understanding each player’s unique situation.

Siam is all the way committed and goes above and beyond what any other agent does. If he cannot solve a problem, he knows someone who can, and will not stop fighting for his clients, regardless of what happens. Siam’s clients always come first, he makes a point to always be available, it does not matter the day or time, he calls clients back within ten minutes every single time.

Siam Sports Management is cost-competitive, athletes get more bang for their buck when Ali Siam is on their team because he does literally everything for his clients. As he says, he will basically take on anything they need: guidance throughout their careers, life advice, financial advice, PR, portfolio management, whatever they need he makes it happen, the right way. Siam connects them with ways to give back, encourages them to pursue other passions.

Siam is in the industry because it is his passion, he was a semi-pro golfer himself and knows the pressure athletes face. “These are people, not investments or dollar signs to me, they deserve honesty and integrity. This is just how I was raised; you treat people with respect. These kids, I am here to help build their lives, it’s not about the dollar sign, it’s my passion.”

Discover more about Siam and the athletes he currently represents through his website and connect on Instagram where he regularly shares highlights and progress.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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