Siddharth Borse

Siddharth Borse also know as Sid B is One of the Most Impressive and Popular Young Artist emerging from India.

Siddharth Borse is a positive guy who is extremely energetic and focused on his business. He’s extremely versatile, with the ability to sing and produce. For Sid B, making music is his passion and his life force. His style is unique on the mic and in his closet.

He’s always working to improve his music. He constantly seeks feedback from his friends and family on what they like and don’t like about his music, and he enjoys negative criticism just as much as positive feedback. He made it by Launching his First Single called as I Knew It. Which represents his own Life, and the Lyrics are just Boom. He made a Bold Entry in the Industry through his First Song.

Sidharth Borse popularly known by his stage name “Sid B“, is a Music Artist that is changing the game through his melodic Song. The 19 year old from Mumabi is extremely talented and harnesses the ability to take over the music game with his unique sounds.

Nowadays, everyone want to become a successful person. As well with name everyone want fame also. But, here Siddharth Borse start his carrier to become a successful person. They only want name. Because, according to Siddharth if you get name then you will getting fame automatically. Siddharth Borse started his Journey a year back in 2020 during the lockdown, When most of the Population were laying lazy in their House. Siddharth wanted to make use of this Opportunity.

So, he started writing down his Thoughts and Ideas and soon realized he was Very fond of Music and Thought making One. It took a whole year of Learning and Practicing till 25th May 2021 when he made his first song, and soon he released the single on 21st June 2021 on All Major Music Platforms and the Music Video on YouTube on 25th of June 2021.

The voice which attracts the soul, the voice which stands behind the fame of music industry. Siddharth Borse has surprised his followers with his outstanding voice. He has delivered many super hit songs. Apart from being a Artist, he’s also a Entrepreneur, Influencer, Athlete, and Internet personality. He is also the Founder of The SIDBLIVE Show Podcast as well, owns Multiple business, mostly start-ups.

First known as a Fitness influencer who expanded his community through his podcast and social media, inspiring and motivating people towards positivity. Borse is now more popularly known for his work on Music, Podcast and Social Media Influencing. He says, ” His dream is to influence as many people as possible and spread a uniqueness all around”.
It’s absolutely a long road for Siddharth and he’s definitely going to go after it.

New Song- I Knew It By Sid B

Available on All Platforms


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