Siddharth Ponkshe Eyes on the Merchandise Business, Sharing Details

They say that success comes to those who believe in embracing multiple roles and responsibilities. It’s about testing new horizons and setting your foot in. And one such young lad embracing new businesses is the Mumbai-based digital marketer Siddharth Ponkshe. The 28-year-old has provided service to over a thousand clients in the last few years under his VirtualShield Solutions LLP and is now getting ready to claim his presence in the merchandise business too.

Siddharth is working on building it under the brand name The Desi Cartel and says that he aims to appeal to the youth of the country. The Desi Cartel will be offering everyday apparels like shirts, caps, shorts, t-shirts and others. Siddharth is eyeing making the design symbolic of the pop culture and price his merchandise in the affordable section.

“India is home to the largest youth population in the world with more than 50% countrymen under the age of 25. And with the penetration of the internet, we all are a fan of a lot many things. I aim to club these two aspects and offer a product that is accepted by all,” said Siddharth while talking to our portal. He is in talks with multiple marketplaces for the product and will be going with a launch at the earliest.

As for his existing business, Siddharth’s organisation has been clocking over a hundred clients every month and was covered in the media for helping NGOs push their digital presence during the pandemic.

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