Signs That Tell it is Time to Call a Tree Service Company

To protect and beautify your property, you must take proper care of the big trees within the property or in its close vicinity. Working with a Tree Services Company in Bronx, NY, will save you from all worries about tree maintenance which is integral to property maintenance. Just as much importance you attach to landscaping, consider the task of tree maintenance in the same way. Whether or not you have any issues with the trees, you must monitor them closely and keep them trimmed and pruned to ensure their good looks, health, and safety.

Companies that offer tree care services have the right kind of resources like trained workforce aware about the proper tree cutting techniques by using the right equipment to carry out the work safely.  When and why you must seek tree services will become clear ongoing through this article.

Protect unhealthy trees

The signs of sickness are often quite visible on the affected trees. You can quickly identify a sick tree if the bark is chipping or peeling; dead and hanging branches dangle dangerously, there are cavities in the trunk, and the soil is hard and compacted.

All these are signs of lack of nutrition, root rotting, or dying roots. Periodical tree inspection should help detect the problems and address the issues by timely trimming and pruning of the trees to help them regain their health.

Low branches

While low-hanging fruits might be highly attractive and lure people into plucking them quickly, the low-hanging branches are most unwelcome as it endangers lives and property.

Low and heavy branches close to the building pose safety hazards as they can damage the property and even injure people if broken. Removing the low-hanging branches with help from a tree services company will help keep the tree in good shape and reduce its dangers.

Golden mushrooms at the tree base

Suppose you see mushrooms growing around the tree base. In that case, it is a dangerous sign, and you must immediately call the tree services company to remove the mushrooms like Honey Fungus or Armillaria, which are the most dangerous types.

The Yellow gold color of the mushroom and its sweet smell might conceal its destructive abilities as Honey Fungus are parasites that thrive upon the nutrients of trees and make them sick in no time besides quickly spreading to the adjacent trees. Only professional tree services companies can help to get rid of the problem.

Interfering with power lines

Sometimes the branches of big trees spread far and wide and engulf the power lines that raise the dangers of accidents due to sudden snapping of the electrical wires if the branches sway vigorously due to strong wind or storm.

Moreover, electrical wires touching the trees could make the electricity travel to the earth, which increases the chances of electrocution. It can even create a fire when the weather is dry. Cutting off the interfering branches will help to avoid any danger.

Removing old stumps in your yard is more than an act of beautification because if allowed to persist, it can suck the nutrition from nearby trees and make it sick.


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