Sigourney Belle: Awakening Our Creative Genius Through Shifting the Business Paradigm

Sigourney Belle is an international best-selling author, spiritual teacher, evolutionary leader. Her feminine mystery school, The Wildgrace Movement, is a global community of teachers and leaders in the field of sacred sexuality and spiritual healing.

Sigourney teaches people how to rebirth themselves into their essence and birth businesses that are aligned to their unique genius and soul blueprint with her global leading mystery school for business The Dark Empire.

At the age of 23, Sigourney had a mental, emotional, and physical breakdown leading to her first awakening and the vision of her future.

“I saw myself at the gates of a monastery and walking through the streets of India. Just 6 months later, I was standing at those exact gates, where I would immerse myself in a 6-week silent Lam Rim retreat, studying the Tibetan Buddhist path to enlightenment. Just after that, I moved to India where I lived on and off for 2 years, studying Yoga Therapy and various forms of Eastern Healing practices.

Years later, I had my second awakening, realizing that I was a medical intuitive, and that is when I broke away from the medical industry to birth my own business, The Wildgrace Movement, which teaches my globally recognized and groundbreaking spiritual healing modality, The Feminine Frequency Formula.”

Viewing Business Through a Shamanic Lens

“In shamanism, they speak of everything having spirit. To me, business ideas are no different. Our business has a life of its own and it is always attempting to communicate its desires to and with us. When we learn to listen, we receive information about our business and when we follow that guidance, we are rewarded with abundance.

When I started to treat my business this way and created a relationship with it, whereby I learned to communicate with my business instead of dictating where I wanted it to go, my income started to go up and I also found it to be more effortless to call in clients.

I grew a 7-figure business in 12 months without any strategy or guidance, by deeply listening to and following my intuition and the slow steady nudges of my soul as it pointed me in the directions to take to develop and grow my ‘business.'”

Answering the Call by Turning Inward

“The soul of the planet is starving for nourishment and we are needing to start to turn inwards to find our answers, instead of relying on an economic system that has supposedly been built to hold us, which is failing us. We are discovering that there is something deeper that we are desiring and the calling to experience our own fullness and wholeness is becoming excruciatingly painful – it is something that we can no longer ignore.

My model of business is paving the new way forwards and proposes a new way to look at what business is and how we operate business.”

Aligning Business with the Natural Rhythm of Creative Flow

“When our bodies and nervous systems are deeply relaxed, we are able to sink into ourselves and experience deeper connection to our own aliveness and we are ignited by life. Creativity flows more easefully and our intuition is sharper. This means that creative or business ideas are able to flow through us more readily and we can create a business which is alive and teeming with life- one that is naturally magnetic.

We incorporate our feminine nature into our daily lives and businesses by learning to listen to our bodies. Like nature, our bodies move through cycles- sometimes we need to be more internal and other days, our natural energy is high. When we are able to surrender into deep relaxation and to attune to our own cycles, then we also discover what it is that desires to arise through and be created from within- this should be the foundation of business.”

Sigourney’s decision to honor her inner knowing also led to a flourishing 7-figure business The Dark Empire, completely aligned with her mission of supporting others in creating a brand that authentically represents who they are and what they stand for.

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