Simone Ferretti: Capitalizing the Digital Space Like No One Else as a Social Media Consultant, Coach, and Content Creator.

Interestingly, Simone has been a spectacular model who placed second in the “Mister Italy” beauty competition.

Life indeed is a beautiful ride; it takes people from one journey to the other, giving them the chance to experience various things, emotions, and realizations, ultimately making them discern what they truly seek in life. These diverse experiences make sure to grow a unique human along the journey by making brave decisions following his heart and dreams. Similar is the story of a youngster, originally from Italy, who now resides in London, named Simone Ferretti.

Simone Ferretti, who’s now making social media his way of life, says: “I have had some great experiences in life so far for which I am ever grateful. If it weren’t for some brave decision I took, I wouldn’t have reached the position I am today, where I can do what I love and help others pursuing their dreams through my knowledge and expertise in the digital world”.

Talking further about his journey, Simone says, “As a 19-year-old I had started my career in the vast industry of modelling, where there were already many beautiful faces and charming personalities.

Despite the hard competition, I took a chance with the strong belief that I could also be one of them. Guess what? After not long since I started my career, I ranked #2 on the ‘Mister Italy’ beauty competition. An incredible result that increased my confidence like never before”.

Simone worked in Milan for a couple of years and moved to Hong Kong in 2017, where he turned his passion into a business. There, he began with photography and video making as a side hustle. He was creating 10/20 secs videos for promoting local brands and services, which were then posted online.

Gradually, he saw a rise in his followers, which allowed him to gather popularity and land deals with some big brands like Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong and many more.

To pursue studies in business, Simone Ferretti moved to London in 2019 and, since then, has been focusing on developing his overall online presence by making tutorials on photography on TikTokand Instagram, which helped him increasing his reach across the platforms. On TikTok, he saw a massive rise to over 500K followers, and on Instagram, he counts more than 100k followers.

As his stocks increased in the digital space, he also honoured his feelings of teaching others and passing on the knowledge by creating online courses about photography and social media. Simone Ferretti slowly transitioned into a social media consultant, effortlessly and passionately helping brands finding their online identity and multiplying their presence and reach in the digital space.

Simone Ferretti has encouraged many other young talents to optimize digital tools and believe in their capabilities. InstagramTikTokwebsiteYoutubeFacebook.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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