Sina Sinry, the Young Entrepreneur Who Made Over $1M Within a Year Using E-Commerce


Sina Sinry (Born August 12 1992) is an entrepreneur who in a short span of a year and a half made his first $1,000,000, he is also the founder/CEO of Sinry Advice, My Ea Academy and Sinry Academy.

Early Life

Born in the north of Iran Sina spent majority of his childhood growing up in the south also known as Bandar Abbas. 

At age 17 Sina decided to leave Iran and move to Malaysia in order to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, after 2 years Sina had come to the conclusion that this was not the path for him so he decided to switch his major to International Business which he later completed.

While attending university Sina found interest in modeling and took it up as a hobby, however after taking part in multiple auditions and getting accepted he realized this could be a long term career and pursued it. (Still after many years a lot of his modeling work still remains in use.)

Early career 

At the end of the school year many students studying in Malaysia at the time were forced to go back to their own countries due to the scarcity of work in Malaysia, however with a lot of struggle, experience, connections and belief in The Law Of Attraction Sina was able to secure a job at a private company which was owned by Chinese businessman. 

After a few years of working and gaining experience Sina decided that it was time to start his own company.

To ensure both his success and the success of his country Sina chose to return to his childhood city in Iran, starting his first business of importing and exporting fruits, which turned out to be a success despite the challenges he faced.

Having wanted to expand his business Sina decided to branch out into different products such as charcoal and spices for a few years, still feeling like he could do more Sina came to the conclusion that pursuing an online business was the right choice as the internet is limitless.

Sina started out his E-com journey in 2019 with drop shipping, this is where he started his first online business where he was able to achieve monthly profits of over $10,000. 

Following the success of his first online venture Sina was faced with many challenges and limitations in his childhood home this is where he chose to make a move in order to pursue his now bigger goals and dreams.

Moving from his city in the south Sina found himself in Istanbul,Turkey where he continued his E-Commerce journey however this time with the help of all the knowledge he had gained, precise planning and his constant belief in the Law of Attraction Sina had started and expanded his new business worldwide gaining $95,000 in a day, fast forward a year and a half later and Sina has achieved one of his many goals of $1,000,000 which is only the beginning for this young entrepreneur.

Looking past at all the the knowledge and experience he has gained throughout his venture Sina decided it was time to start his own Academy teaching up and coming entrepreneurs his methods helping them to grow at his newly established SINRY ACADEMY.

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