Skills Lead to Success: How Entrepreneur Navid Tavakoli-Toussy Made it big in the Network Marketing Industry

Nowadays, the lines between personal and professional life are quite blurred. Entrepreneurs and employees often operate round the clock to complete their daily assignments. Still, the tradeoff between time and money is striking hard on personal lives. Irrespective of the industry, successful entrepreneurs develop essential traits that set them apart from the rest. By capitalizing on such proven skill-sets, they transform their business concepts into profitable realities.

Navid Tavakoli-Toussy is a young and passionate entrepreneur who made opportunities out of challenges that came his way and used hardships as a stepping stone to climb the peak of success.

He started his professional career as a carpenter and determinedly added another 6 hours daily, after attending an event of network marketing referred to him by a colleague in 2008. Greatly inspired by the possibilities, he decided to venture into the business with a strong belief that the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks at all, with risk comes opportunities.

Understanding that lessons do not necessarily come from the easy experiences, but more likely the hard ones, Navid started early in his career, joining companies that did not seem to advance the growth and fulfillment he aspired for.

In 2020, his career took a new exciting turn when he and his business partners decided to join forces with a fresh and innovatively groundbreaking company. With its existing online learning platform, travel, and financial technology products, it was a perfect fit for Navid and his partners to transform their entire global network of top-performing teams that they’ve built up over the last 13 years.

“It was time for something completely different compared to what we’ve done previously, and I’m extremely excited about the long-term plan and the vision of the company,” marks Navid.

With the network marketing industry constantly evolving, he wanted to be at the forefront of this evolution. He’s built top-performing teams in over 15 countries, influenced thousands of people to earn a living through innovative skill sets and access to cutting-edge tools and techniques. Navid brings with him three infallible key skills that he mastered upon his continuously successful journey:


A change in perspective may lead to innovation. Navid essentiality values being open and adapting to new ideas, skills and unlearning old concepts that have passed their purpose.

Understand the big picture 

While being detail-oriented, he looks outside the specifics of a project or process.  He always takes a step back to look at the broader vision.


He set goals that are achievable and puts aside the distractions to capture peak productivity.

Navid Tavakoli-Toussy is now a well-renowned name in the industry and has established a global network of highly successful teams worldwide. He mentors other networkers, in all ages, and lays out a roadmap to help them grow their business.

Having been involved in a wide range of different fields and industries, Navid looks forward to this new route of adventures and to share it with other people who are willing to ”go for it” and ready to step into the challenge of growing outside of their comfort zone.

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