Skin Color by Hei$enberg

Starting back in 1970, hip-hop music has taken over a large space gradually. Hip hop music involves the chest-thumping beat blended with the rapid-fire lyrics. Hip-hop has become the source of seeing, celebrating, and experiencing everything from a different perspective. It’s not merely a music genre, it’s a culture.

Now, hip-hop has become a business because of its style, sound, and most importantly the feel. It’s not popular among America’s hip-hop or rap singers, it’s now highly popular around the globe. 

Hip-hop music

With the increase in its popularity, it has become easier to create rap music now. Create a beat and add a voice to it, to begin with, the new song. Platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify are used to upload them. Such platforms help music lovers to discover new voices. Currently, hip-hop music is listened by consumers all over the world and is immensely being liked by the beat lovers. 

Skin Color (Background)

It’s a hip-hop track by Hei$enberg and was released on August 30th, 2021. Hei$enberg, born Steven Earl Scott, is a native of Jasper, Texas. Skin color is his 6th release.

The artwork is the actual road James Byrd Jr was dragged to his death on June 7, 1998. Steven was the last person to see him alive. He slowed down to pick him up for a ride but decided not to, since he was late for a 2 am curfew.

James Byrd was then picked up by three white supremacists who were responsible for his death. In the song, Steven has expressed his regret for not picking James up. He feels like he could have saved his life.

A meaningful track-Skin color

The voice seems blended in combination with the music, the beats are chilling, and the length of the track is perfect as well. This is the type of song that you hear on repeat. It gives me such chill vibes. The recording quality is also perfect. 

Additionally, such young rappers rap about such deplorable topics with arguably little social meaning. Hei$enberg has rapped about the right thing. The lyrics are meaningful and reflects his real feelings. The name Skin Color itself describes what will be the extract of the song. It does not let you feel away from the track even for a second when you listen to it.

The vocalist has great vocals and takes a very energetic start. The drums are also a high point, they’re full of energy and keep the song moving forward. The track moves with the same pace and energy. Lyrics have been delivered perfectly, smoothly, and are beautifully aligning with the hip-hop music in the background.

The track is not only enjoyable but also has strong internal rhyming. The whole track revolves around the real story of the singer which makes it unique from the other tracks. It just starts connecting everything and keep going at the same pace.

If you love listening to hip-hop music and prefer memorable rhymes, listen to ‘Skin Color’, you’ll surely love it!

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