Skinomatics: Taking Care of Mother’s Skin


No matter what age you are, you will never be too old to take a dressing down from mum. She is the one person in the world capable of giving us a hard shake when we need it, building us up when we are low, and who is always there to pick up the pieces. 

Recently, skincare brand Skinomatics have been homing in on the plight of the new mom. There are many problems that a new mother must suffer through, so the last thing she should have to worry about is her skincare routine. 

Although Skinomatics have her skincare covered – what else can we do to keep mum safe and well, especially during a pandemic? We researched to give you some inspiration.

Skincare Treats That Mom Will Love

As well as using the Skinomatics line of oils and creams aimed at preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks, how else can you take care of a new mum’s skin?

1. The Salt Bath

A mineral bath is terrific for the new mother. All the nutrients in her body have been going towards nurturing and growing a little bundle of joy – and now she is exhausted. A salt and nutrient decadent bath will help her replace some of the lost nutrients while giving her a pleasant, relaxing experience. Just do not let her fall asleep in there…

2. The Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs are a brilliant way to get some new life into tired feet. The scrub contains a rough agent that wears away the outer, dead layers of skin. Scrubs can be used on the feet every time you bathe if it is just the feet and the body’s rough areas such as the knees and elbows that get treatment. 

3. A Face Mask

Nowadays, face masks do not just come for your face. You can get packs for your hands, softening your feet, and de-clogging pores. If you want a soft pack to draw oil and dirt from the skin, opt for a clay mask. IF you wish to a rigid mask that will remove everything – including small hairs – opt for a black mask and watch those eyebrows.

4. Talcum Powder

Although initially designed to keep baby bottoms dry and un-chapped, talcum powder can work miracles for adults, too. Primarily, we young mums use it as a dry shampoo to soak up our greasy hair because we do not have time to shower. We also use it to stay dry too. If we are lucky, there will even be some leftover for the baby. 

5. Plenty of water

To keep mum’s skin healthy, she needs plenty of water. This will both clean out any toxins from the pores and keep her hydrated. Hydrated skin is bouncy, healthy-looking skin. Perhaps invest in a pretty water bottle that she can keep handing to keep up her water intake even when she is at work.

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