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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps companies manage the relationships and interactions they have with their customers and potential customers. This technology brings you relevant data so you have a clear picture of what your business is doing and how well it’s doing with these things. It also helps you control your team’s workflow and productivity. With all this actionability available, you’ll want to implement CRM across all departments. There are many reasons for this.

Find the Right Customers

In Touch CRM says CRM is more than just a database for storing your contacts’ information. There are many other features you’ll appreciate here as well – including web forms, landing pages, automated campaigns, and sales funnels. These things help your business become more efficient and better at selling. This is because creating web forms (a.k.a. landers) and landing pages are important for capturing your website visitors’ details. They’re something you can use without even knowing HTML or hiring an entire IT department to do this for you. Instead, all you need is a few minutes to create capture lead forms with a CRM. These forms direct traffic directly into your database where they’re automatically added to your list. This saves you time from doing in manually and allows you to start nurturing them right away too.

Once you do this, you can start sending out automated campaigns. This starts as soon as you add a new lead to your CRM’s database because it contains numerous features that all talk to and work together with one another. Now you no longer have to worry about nurturing these leads yourself since it’s so easy to create an automated campaign that kick starts everything for you. It’ll automatically send them relevant content and create the right moment for your sales rep to contact them and make the sale. This really is the best way for you to nurture and strengthen your relationship with your potential customers. As you offer them personalized, targeted experiences with relevant content that resonates well with who they are, they’ll start trusting your business and begin seeing you as an authority in your industry.

It’s important to always remember that marketing emails are a reflection of your company. You always want to look like a professional when you send your customers personalized, targeted, timely messages. These messages will also lead you down the path towards getting to know your prospects better. This is where your reports and analytics tool will help you by telling you precisely how your campaigns are performing. You’ll be able to see how many of the people who have completed your lander are opening your emails, how many of them click on links and take subsequent actions, how your automated campaigns are performing, and how many people in your sales pipeline are converting. This insight is important because it has raw data regarding the efficiency of your onboarding and sales processes. It’ll show you where you need to improve by highlighting areas in which you’re performing poorly, which leads aren’t as engaged as they should be, and who your sales team needs to contact.

Share Data with Your Entire Sales Team

News Blaze says it’s easy for employees to cause mistakes when you allow them to be responsible for maintaining their own information. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to use a CRM that tracks everything for you and tells everyone exactly what’s happening. It’ll update information every time someone works on an account.

Increase Employee Productivity

Once you install a CRM, about 52% of your high-performing sales employees will start taking full advantage of it right away. They’ll see its benefit in various ways like freeing them up from process-heavy tasks (e.g. hunting for contact information, entering data) and giving them more time to connect with your customers – which ultimately leads to more sales.

Offer Better Customer Service

As you talk to your customers, you’ll find that more than half of them will tell you they’re willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This makes sense when you stop to consider that the best product is only as good as the service that accompanies it. As such, it’s important that you don’t waste their time offering them multiple marketing promotions, drop the ball after a sale, or otherwise “mistreat” them – things you won’t have to worry about happening when all your employees have access to your customer’s complete history via a CRM. With the right resources in place, it’s easy for your employees to quickly provide personalized messages and solutions to all your customers so things will go smoother. Ultimately, this will build trust in your brand and encourage customer loyalty.

According to the Harvard Business Review, simply reducing your customers’ “defection” by 5% will increase your profits by 25% – 85%. It also frees up your employees to proactively address any at-risk accounts and provide new opportunities for your satisfied customers. All of this because you now have transparency in regard to your customer histories, active campaigns, and open cases making the buying experience more satisfying for your customers – something that will pay dividends for many years to come.

Improve Customer Retention

Psi Com says you should always be focused on improving customer loyalty and retention. The best way to do this is by improving the effectiveness of your customer sales and service operations.

CRM Gmail Integration        

CRM with Gmail integration is also quite beneficial. With it, you can:

  • Quickly manage all your Google emails from one central location
  • Manage client and partner relationships better since you’ll have a consolidated view of all your email communications
  • Promptly respond to emails and follow up with clients
  • Easily collaborate with your whole team since it’s easier to share information
  • Track your customer’s involvement in any activity you create permissions for
  • Capture your clients’ histories (including conversations and activities you’ve worked on with them) so your whole team can see them

This works best when you sync things both ways. Doing so allows this tool to add more meaning to G Suite.

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