Snoop Dogg Redefines Fan Engagement With His “Passport Series”


Legendary rapper and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg, is once again making headlines in the Web3 space with the launch of his latest NFT project, the “Snoop Dogg Passport Series.” Snoop’s collection will allow fans to follow his life on tour and gain access to exclusive content and experiences.

What Can Holders Expect?

The Snoop Dogg Passport Series is being hailed as the first “evolving digital tour collectible” and is priced at approximately $45, converted to approximately 0.027 ETH. Fans can purchase the pass on, and it will provide them with ongoing behind-the-scenes videos and images uploaded by Snoop throughout his summer tour.

To further enhance the experience for Passport holders, Snoop Dogg will also introduce Snoop Selects, a curated collection of works from select NFT artists that will be dropped for free to all pass owners. This unique collaboration aims to celebrate and showcase the talents of Snoop’s favorite artists, while giving fans additional exclusive content.

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In addition to exclusive updates, fans who purchase the pass will gain access to future drops, playlists, and the opportunity to purchase merchandise and event tickets. “Throughout my career, I’ve always been pushing things forward,” said Snoop. “With the passport series, I can give my fans the opportunity to travel the world with me – no one’s ever done that. I’ve always been a pioneer, and digital merch is part of the future. I’m hoping other artists can see what I’m doing and continue to innovate on their own.”

Who Is Behind It All?

The development of the Snoop Dogg Passport Series was made possible through a partnership with NFT development studio Transient Labs, who are best known for leveraging Web3 to create unique and engaging experiences. The deal was brokered by talent agency WME, which represents both Snoop Dogg and Transient Labs.

Chris Ostoich, the Chief Operating Officer at Transient Labs, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that it “aligns with their mission to provide unique experiences through blockchain technology.” He believes that working with Snoop Dogg will allow them to offer fans an extraordinary experience unlike anything seen before.

A Timeless Pioneer

Eminem Y Snoop Dogg Lanzan Video Musical Transformados En NFTs De BAYC | CoinGape

Snoop Dogg has been actively involved in the Web3 space, consistently pushing the boundaries with his engagement in various NFT projects, avatar launches, metaverse real estate acquisitions, and partnerships with crypto platforms. One of the most notable instances was his collaboration with Eminem, where they both embraced their Bored Ape alter-egos for a music video, shining a spotlight on Yuga Labs’ flagship creation.

Once again, The Doggfather has proven himself to be a timeless pioneer, not just in music, but now too in the digital realm, and the launch of the Snoop Dogg Passport Series further demonstrates his unwavering belief in the potential of Web3 technology to revolutionize the entertainment industry for years to come.

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