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Sobia A Shaikh who was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan is now a Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle Blogger & Content Creator who is currently volunteering to fundraise for various non-profits. Sobia is a UNICEF USA North West Region Board Member and is a Co-Chair for the nationwide UNICEF.

Taking about her life, after getting an undergraduate degree in Advertising, she worked at an advertising agency for six years in Pakistan. Simultaneously, she was an editorial, TV and runway model. Hence, my love for fashion grew from there. After moving to San Francisco, she worked briefly at an ad agency before becoming a full-time mom.

When her children were around nine and six years old, she established a handbag company called ISLY Handbags in 2011. Except for some help from an assistant, she did almost everything on her own. Despite the many challenges of running a small company, she loved her own business – but eventually, she felt overworked. she despised the protracted periods away from her family and she wasn’t able to keep well physically. After fulfilling all her orders for the 2017 season, she packed up her whole business four months later.

When she shut down ISLY, she then didn’t work for six months. Gradually, she took interest in curating her Instagram feed, which turned into starting a blog in September 2018, starting Shaikhen and Stirred. While she never intended to start another business, several brands began reaching out to her for collaborative and promotional posts.

She says “I don’t take on clients if I don’t believe in their products, regardless of compensation. My aim is always to have fun. In addition to my blog, I also host intimate fashion & lifestyle-related events. I introduce brands and services to a targeted SF-based clientele and promote them via social media marketing. I’ve met new clients and made wonderful friends through recent travels, as well as through recent travels, as well as through NYFW and PFW, no less.”

When Shaikh took her life to the digital universe, she didn’t expect to build another business. In fact, she called her platform an “anti-blog” because she wasn’t aiming to compete, profit, or impress. Instead, Shaikhen and Stirred began as space for Shaikh to live her life online as she knew it in reality. But as much as the audience enjoys Shaikh’s recipe for butter chicken and guide to Paris eateries, they also enjoy the brands that have since invested in her online presence. To know more, follow her on:

Instagram: @sobiaashaikh

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred


Twitter: sobia_a_shaikhgh

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