Social Media Gold Mine The X Pot Sparks Intrigue Among Notable Celebs and Influencers

Robot technology, fine dining, and surreal multisensory experience at The X Pot have cast a wide net of attention among well-known guests. From fine dining connoisseurs to globally recognized celebrities, The X Pot rolls out an immersive dining experience in conjunction with an impressive guest list.

The X Pot enters phase three of a detailed opening plan, unlocking access to interactive VIP rooms boasting a 7 figure smart projection system. As lifelike thematic landscapes dance across walls, ceilings, and tables, guests find themselves transported into an otherworldly dining atmosphere.

Word of the magically intriguing experience has caught the attention of celebrity guests looking to peak into The X Pot world. Blown away by presentation accompanied by full bodied flavor, Steve Aoki and Steven Liao A.K.A. Credit were among the first to experience The X Pots Luxury VIP Suites and full menu tasting.

Following Aoki’s visit and spreading news of the X Pot experience, the tech-driven restaurant has been host to a variety of notable celebs. Bailey Munoz, Season 16 winner of So You Think You Can Dance, enjoyed an exclusive chef tasting menu along with a highest-grade A5 wagyu feast. Chef Chris Cho was among the star-studded guest list, along with an array of popular TIkTok Influencers.

The crew of TikTok stars included Alex Mazzo, Candy Asmus, Hunter Echo, Dayna Marie, Diego Martiet, Jessica Belkin, and Gabe Olivieri, who marveled at the display of rare A5 wagyu cuts. The group opted for a mouthwatering creamy lobster broth served in individual dining pots and were delighted by a unique tofu cheesecake dessert.

A private tasting was arranged for Las Vegas Food & Wine, including a wagyu feast prepared tableside by The X Pot’s seasoned head chef for an intimate and interactive experience. Along with the X Pot’s most recent visit from Instagram power couple Sarah (@sarahfbabeee) and Darrios who dined in The X Pot’s ultra lounge for a much needed date night. Sarah’s favorite dish was the “X” firecracker shrimp, paired with the Once Upon A Time craft cocktail.

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