Social Media has Allowed Moris Goldstein to Create His Dream Life

Social media has become more and more prevalent in the world

If you were to ask every 12–18 year old across the globe what they want to be when they grow up is, a large number of them would probably say something along the lines of a social media influencer. As social media has become more and more prevalent in the world as time has gone on, we have seen this transition to kids gravitating to the online media space.

Social Media offers a unique way to connect with others who have similar interests and can all be done at the tip of your fingers, making it about as accessible as fast food in the US. Laugh if you may, but many people across the globe make a lucrative living off of social media, including influencer Moris Goldstein.

Moris Goldstein is a social media influencer from Roslyn Heights, New York who has been putting in the work in the social media department and is now looking to take his career up a notch. By creating relatable and engaging content that many people enjoy, Goldstein has been able to grow his Tik Tok account to almost one million followers in just under one year. “Being able to interact with my fans and get feedback has allowed me to make targeted videos for them and it brings me closer to them on a personal level,” says Goldstein.

After initially building a social media profile and finding a niche to target, the opportunities are limitless. Moris Goldstein explains how he built his personal brand, and how he gets the chance to promote another company’s product that lines up with his audience and potentially earn money from it.

Which is something everyone wishes they were able to do. Moris knows that he is in an extremely blessed position and can’t thank his fans enough for supporting him along his journey thus far.

It is only the beginning for Moris Goldstein. In the next five years he envisions himself still in the social media space, but with a different goal in mind. He wants to start his own business and use his social media presence to nurture and grow it into his own beautiful creation.

With his hard work and determination there is no doubt that Moris Goldstein will continue to be successful on social media. Keep an eye on him, as it is going to be exciting to watch this young internet personality grow in his full form. 

Follow Moris Goldstein on Instagram here and on Tik Tok here.

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