Social Media Influencer Mangal Singh, Spreading Positivity and Solving Problems of the Society

Singh is doing the best he can to make the world a better place.

Mostly people in India are looking forward for growth opportunities and personal careers. Nonetheless there are some people who care for the society and its well being. Today’s story is one of those people who had devoted a substantial part of his life till now for the welfare of fellow human beings. Mangal Singh Chaudhary, Influencer and social worker from Delhi, who has spent considerable time of his life working for the society.

One of the toughest tasks in India is to convince people on trivial matters, and more onerous is to persuade people from rural areas and below poverty line. The man on mission, Mangal Singh is handling such kind of tasks successfully everyday by spreading valuable information in rural areas like motivating people for doing good jobs and earn money with more skills and less labour, convincing them to do goal oriented tasks every day by providing them knowledge of work. Everyday explaining them to not light fires so that they prevent smoke and pollution in the village area and spreading awareness about their health, safety and environment.

Youngsters often take advice from him related to their future and career. He helps them earnestly with his knowledge and experience.
“One work that gave me a great sense of satisfaction was when I was able to help elderly people of my village with regards to their health and well-being “ he said.

He is working upon both mental and health related issues of people and hundreds of people got benefits from his immaculate advices. He has got good knowledge of preventing and treating various diseases which spread like wild fires in rural areas.

Besides all that, Mangal Singh being an influencer is also working on growing organic crops and organic vegetables. He says that after the global pandemic of Covid, he realized the importance of agriculture and how essential it is for human kind. Asking about his dreams,he says “I want to connect more and more people with the culture and traditions of India because I don’t want people to forget our biggest jewel which is our culture”.

While busy in his work he also ensures to meet everyone who comes to him for help. He makes sure that he can assist as many people as possible and he is known by many as a benevolent and supportive person.

Our country today, especially after the global pandemic, needs people like Mangal Singh who has become an excellent example for the society.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.