Social Media Marketing Agency Amir Bakian Helps Brands and Influencers Expand Their Success

Brands and influencers are increasingly working in a crowded field online. Social media platforms like Instagram have over a billion active users, and growing every day. The more growth these platforms experience, the more potential customers there are to reach. However, there is an increasing amount of competitions from other brands and influencers as well. Thankfully, social media marketing agents like Amir Bakian are here to help.

As someone who has over six years of social media and sales experience, Bakian is uniquely positioned to craft winning social media strategies for brands and influencers who are looking to expand their success. He is known for taking a unique and technological approach when it comes to marketing and brand management.

Given how long he has been navigating the social media landscape, he has become an expert in all of the various elements that go into crafting a successful social media presence for brands and influencers. He has a tremendous amount of experience when it comes to strategic development, influencer and creator strategies, and rebranding. However, his deep understanding of social media marketing doesn’t stop there.

Creating social media content that brings in high engagement rates is something that is persistently challenging for brands and influencers, but especially brands. Influencers have an easier time connecting with their audiences due to the higher level of trust their followers have with them. Brands, on the other hand, need to gain the trust of their followers. However, both brands and influencers need to keep churning out quality content that stops people from scrolling their feeds and gets them to engage with the content in some way.

Bakian is skilled and seasoned in creating powerfully effective social media content that will boost user engagement rates across the board. This means getting more likes, comments, shares, and follows.

When it comes to e-commerce, Bakian also has plenty of experience under his belt with increasing sales for brands and even influencers who do affiliate marketing. He uses the full scope of his sales and customer relations experience to help brands and influencer partnerships. It was a seamless transition into social media consulting for him, given his experience in the sales industry.

There is a diverse range of experience Bakian brings to the table whenever he takes on a new client. His extensive expertise in social media branding and design has set him apart for many of his peers. He knows when a brand needs to rebrand and when it needs to expand its existing brand in more engaging ways.

If you are a brand or influencer who feel lost or stuck when it comes to being a success on social media, then Bakian can help. His extensive experience with social media marketing has led to many brands and influencers seeing their growth on social media soar, which has led to their enjoying greater engagement, as well as more leads and sales.

Contact Amir today to learn how he can help you.

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