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Social Media Marketing Expert Luke Edmonds Is Helping People and Businesses Grow Their Online Audiences

Luke is a media influencer and creator himself who has studied social media marketing in depth.

To reach people most effectively today, you need to maintain a strong presence on social media. Without it, you’re missing out on reaching much of your target audience. With over a billion active users on platforms like Instagram, it has become practically mandatory to grow an audience on social media and understand how to attract more leads and sales. That is something social media marketing expert Luke Edmonds knows how to do very well.

Edmonds is a media influencer and creator himself who has studied social media marketing in depth, so that he can help individuals and businesses grow their online audiences. Social media marketing has become the best way to reach people today, which is something Edmonds understands very well.

This digital creator has been involved in social media for several years, and has amassed an extensive array of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing an audience. Edmonds also keeps up to speed regarding the latest algorithm updates that social media giants like Instagram occasionally roll out. These updates change the way content is viewed and distributed, leading to either an increase or decrease in engagement rates.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands alike all need to make sure their social media growth strategies are still working for them. That is something Edmonds has been helping with as a rising social media marketing expert and content creator himself. He assists those who aren’t as understanding of all the complexities of the algorithms and helps boost their ability to reach more people, and the right people.

Edmonds became interested in social media marketing when he saw how many brands with great products or services were struggling to gain much traction on social media. Since he has always been someone who wanted to help others, Edmonds saw an opportunity to both help brands and individuals accelerate their social media growth and support himself financially.

Financial freedom is something Edmonds sees coming from social media, especially for many in his generation. As a young Gen Z entrepreneur, Edmonds is highly-skilled in all things related to sales and marketing on social media. This has provided him the opportunity to help those who aren’t as skilled in this area. Today, he is increasing his scope and breadth of both knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing social media landscape.

Edmonds sees himself growing his social media-focused business to become one that nets him six figures within the next year or two. Given this rising SMM expert’s ability to identify what can be optimized and do so effectively, Edmonds appears to be well on his way towards achieving this goal.

If you want to grow your audience on social media platforms like Instagram, you can reach out to Edmonds and follow him on his Instagram page @luke_edmondss and also check out a new project he’s working on focused on the city of Erie, PA.

Jonathan Jadali

Written by Jonathan Jadali

Jonathan Jadali is a American Entrepreneur/Social Media Influencer and the Founder and CEO of a Social Media Marketing and PR agency. Jadali helps companies and individuals get the brand notoriety and recognition they deserve.

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