Social Media Star and Entrepreneur Mari Grace Opens Upon Her Struggles as a Content Creator

When it comes to being driven and creative, there is no match for Mari Grace. In a short period of time she has not only inspired countless people on social media, but she has also created a platform where people can be themselves and to “stay weird” as Mari likes to say.

She also uses her social media platforms as a way to speak to fans about her real estate business as well as the stock market. Mari is a woman known for her many different talents and skills which is another reason her fans love her.

While flipping houses is a well-known industry in real estate, very few people have the vision to pull it off. For many, this might appear to be a risky venture, but Mari believes in taking control of her destiny. This is the idea that has worked for her as an entrepreneur and social media star.

On the surface, it appears that she has it all, but the truth is,her story started with struggles and it was sheer hard work that pushed her. When she started as a social media star or influencer it was a learning experience at first.

In her words,

When I first made my tiktok and instagram it was really difficult to hear some of the negative comments since I never really used social media before and it really affected my self-esteem, but I soon realized I wanted to push my content out not for those negative people but rather for the people that my content inspired and brought happiness to.

Today she is proud of all she has achieved and of all the opportunities that she has created on her own. Mari says, “The scariest moment for me was quitting my 9-5 and dropping out of college. I’ve been on my own since I was 18 so there wasn’t anywhere to go if I messed this up. I grinded on my social media platforms, continued trading in the stock market, and started flipping properties. I am incredibly proud of myself and all the opportunities I have been able to take. It was the riskiest thing of my life but so rewarding. Just know that hard work does pay off.”

Today, she is in a place where many men and women look up to her for guidance and support. Making her own space in the world of cutthroat competition is certainly a major task but her drive and ambition will continue to take her far.

Her journey has truly made her humble and she never fails to talk about the support she has gotten from her social media community. Mari smiles so big when she speaks about the support that she has gotten from her followers and fellow creators. She says

“I owe so much to all my followers and will be forever grateful for all the love and support they have given me.”

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