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Social Networks as a Platform for Business Success: How Keenan Williams Runs His Online Business

Determination, perseverance, and effort are some words that describe the young businessman Keenan Williams, who became a successful entrepreneur for running an online business.

Nowadays, social networks represent a powerful marketing tool. Knowing the power of these platforms and using it properly to reach the potential in any area is, without a doubt, a great skill that people like Keenan Williams have been able to take full advantage of.

Social networks knowledge and the ability to properly manage each platform to achieve success in his Ko Elixir skincare business, has been one of the greatest achievements that this young 29-year-old billionaire has been able to reap with hard and constant work.

Besides, he has built-in 5 months, a program through which he gives people the possibility to acquire all the tools to start and grow their own business and achieve financial freedom. This process has led to many students earning up to $250,000 in just 3 months.

If using social networks to boost their businesses is what it’s all about, Williams has done it exceptionally. His reach has been such that in the first six months of launching Ko Elixir, he managed to make 1 million dollars in profits, and, in one year, he managed to double that.

This young man’s innate talent for entrepreneurship from a different perspective is largely responsible for his success. However, his determination, perseverance, and effort represent the other side of the coin. Starting at the right time helped him launch a successful business in a few months.

How Do You Do It?

Williams didn’t have easy beginnings. Although he is a successful young man, few know what lies behind his story of achievement. Moreover, few know what drove his path to business success.

His mother’s stroke and a seriously injured cousin were two of the hardest blows that this young man has faced along the way. This added to the financial constraints that led him to drop out of school to find a job and bring home money to help his family.

This responsibility from a very young age was one of the reasons why he always thought about achieving the purpose of providing a better quality of life for his family. He worked tirelessly for it in different areas –  from a house in a bad neighborhood at night to Sketchers during the day where he earned a salary of $8 an hour.

Knowledge is the Key

One thing that characterized every work experience that Williams was in is his ability to stand out. At Sketchers, he stood out as one of the highest average sellers. After that, he worked with a company that specialized in skincare products.

Affiliate marketing was his area of development for a long time. This allowed him to acquire the knowledge and strengthen the skills needed to embark on his path.

After some episodes that did not favor him in terms of work, he started to write the story to suit him. He began to investigate the processes of online marketing and how to use the presence he already had on the internet to start his own business.

It was only six months later when his constant work and dedication to the growth of Ko Elixir was yielding the expected results. In an environment where few people saw a chance to climb, Williams found the perfect alternative to becoming a young billionaire.


For Williams, nothing is more elementary than maintaining a constant presence in social networks and interacting with the right people to know what they need and when. This is what led him to success.

He dared to make a difference in the way that he promoted the product, in the way that he offered it, and, above all, in what he offered so that people would get interested. Giving a solution to a problem or need and knowing how to communicate the message that demonstrates it is what has given greater value to each of the steps that this young man has taken on the road to success.

Williams has not only taken advantage of the internet to do this but has shown how the digital environment is becoming increasingly important in the world, especially for those who are committed to following their goals and achieving financial freedom. Freeing himself from an 8-hour job and building his path is one of his greatest achievements.

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Kevin Leyes

Written by Kevin Leyes

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Team Leyes, an urban jewelry company, and Leyes Media, an SMM and PR agency. He is an Official Member of the Forbes Business Council and Young Entrepreneur Council.

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