Review: Reliable Social Media Services Provider is a complete social media marketing hub to provide expert solutions for growing your social media presence significantly. Falling among the top rated social media marketing service providers, this website is literally just what you need to become famous in a split second. They claim that they are the number one source for social media promotions. And indeed, the customer reviews on their website testify to this fact.

With genuine quality and authentic audience, Social Packages provides you exactly what it promises. Also, this website hates automated bots as much as you do. This means that you can rest assured about not being troubled by fake profiles spamming your social media accounts ever. Social Packages makes a claim that they have helped promote celebrity accounts and boost the presence of influencers across platforms. Well, if that be the case, you could at least give it a shot.

Read on to get a genuine overview of Social Packages and then, you will be able to make a better choice.

Services Offered

With services for every budget and every social network, Social Packages is your one stop destination when it comes to social media marketing. This website offers the following range of services for you to select from:

  • Instagram Marketing

instagram followers

Promoting your brand or business on Instagram is one of the best ways to grow your popularity online. Instagram marketing services from Social Packages do the needful for you. They offer packages to buy Instagram followers, likes and views that are not merely numbers to flaunt on your homepage.

With real accounts and safe delivery, marketing packages from Social Packages will give you the right exposure to acquire a reputation online. Prices start from $9 for 500 Instagram followers, $8 for 500 likes and $7 for 1000 video views. You can also split these likes and views on various posts.

  • YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

With highest quality YouTube marketing services, Social Packages provides YouTube views, subscribers and comments from real YouTube accounts. The authentic and genuine users that will like or subscribe to your YouTube channel are then, likely to get your videos trending.

Further, all the YouTube accounts coming to your channel after purchasing a service from Social Packages, make your channel eligible for the monetization program. However, this is valid only as long as they stay on your channel. Prices start from just $10 for 20 comments, $20 for 3000 YouTube views and $12 for 100 YouTube subscribers. The delivery will show up starting in just 1 to 5 days.

  • Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that is only increasing in its popularity if anything. Services from Social Packages ensure that you make your mark on the platform, the right way. It offers plans to buy Facebook page likes and post likes that can help to scale up your organic promotions on Facebook.

With guaranteed fast delivery and premium quality, Facebook promotions from Social Packages come with unbeatable quality. The prices begin from $17 for 500 Page Likes and $10 for 500 Post Likes. They begin delivering your order within 24 hours and continue until the required number is delivered. Plus, they also guarantee a refill, should you see any fluctuation or drop in the numbers after your order is processed.

  • Twitter Marketing

twitter marketing

On Twitter, if your content is loved by audiences, you can go viral in just about a split second. For that to happen, the audience should be able to access your tweets first. And this is where Social Packages swoops in.

It increases visibility of your tweets by bringing more Twitter followers to your account. When more people follow your account, they can regularly stay updated with what you post. If your tweets genuinely have that viral quality, then by buying Twitter followers from Social Packages, is going to guarantee you the right audience to appreciate your content. The price for buying 500 to 5000 Twitter followers ranges from $17 to $127. These packages come with guaranteed drop protection and real and active Twitter profiles.

  • SoundCloud Marketing

SoundCloud Marketing

If you are a budding music artist or influencer, then chances are that you are relying on this music streaming app to build your initial presence on social media. Rightly so! Popularity on SoundCloud is determined by the number of plays on your tracks or playlists. Social Packages offers various plans to buy SoundCloud plays starting at just $6 for 1000 Plays.

With deliveries starting in about 1 to 2 days, the plays that you buy for your tracks on SoundCloud will only be of premium quality and real accounts. And this is just what you need to go trending on the platform! The highest package will cost you $50 for 10000 SoundCloud plays.

  • Spotify Marketing

spotify marketing

Like SoundCloud, Spotify is another destination for budding musicians to get their voices heard. Social Packages comes with attractively priced packages for buying Spotify plays. From here, you can buy anything from 1000 to 10000 Spotify plays in the price range of $9 to $70. Placing the order is literally a piece of cake.

Once you select your package, enter the link to your Spotify profile. After that, fill out a brief form, pay for the package purchased and done. You can now host the fans coming in rapidly to listen to your Spotify tracks.

Pros & Cons

While there are many advantages of buying social media marketing services from Social Packages, it is not all rosy either. After all, it is, like the rest, a third party social media marketing service.

This means that if their services are scam, you could as well get banned from the platform altogether. Read on to weigh the benefits and harms of buying a package from Social Packages.


  • Premium Quality –

As compared to other social media marketing service providers, Social Packages offers a better and in fact, premium quality in terms of the accounts that will follow, like or subscribe to your social media channel. Most of the audience will be real social media users and perhaps, also interested in your content.

  • Fast Delivery

This is a proven advantage of this website. It promises and delivers the complete order within the stipulated time. After the placement of the order is complete, they will begin to deliver in a matter of a few hours.

  • Secure Payments

All the payments that you do on this website are secured by SSL certification. This means that your card credentials will stay protected, with no chance of being stolen by third party cookies.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Social Packages claims that they are available to address all customer grievances night and day. You can avail this service through the live chat option on their website. They also have a ready email form in the ‘Contact’ section of their website. For queries related to purchasing an order, you will have to fill this form. They will then get back to you.


  • Retention is Not Guaranteed

As like as other third party social media marketing service providers, Social Packages does not come with the promise of retention. All the followers, likes or subscribers that come to your account might not stand the test of time.

  • Unsure Replacement

It is only in the case of Facebook likes that Social packages claims a replacement guarantee. For other networks, whether you get a refill after a drop is at best, ambiguous.

  • Could Get You Banned

If most of the fans generated using Social Packages are fake accounts, they might become trouble for you. While social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook constantly suspend fake accounts from the platform, they are also known to suspend accounts that contain fake followers.


Why socialpackages

Social Packages is one of the best social media marketing service providers that have a reputation for dealing with high profile clientele across the globe. Backed by years’ worth of experience, marketing services from Social Packages are credible, authentic and good-quality in the immediate instance.

With this, you can grow your social media presence starting today. This provider comes packed with features that will level up your social media promotions. The prices that they offer are competitive and genuinely adhere to the nature of service. Further, the website consists of an easy to navigate interface that everyone can screen through. With fast delivery, easy one-page checkout, and considerable retention, Social Packages is definitely among the pioneers among social media marketing service providers.


Social media promotions are the call of the day. If you have a brand or business and you want to embark on your journey on social media, then chances are that you are looking for easier ways to do so. Social Packages is the answer that we have found out to make your journey easier.

Throughout the web, this social media marketing service provider boasts of favorable reviews. So, do not wait any longer. If you have read our review and weighed your options, go ahead and give Social Packages a shot.

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