Sofia Estrada Castro Explains Her Process of Building an Empire From the Bottom

If anyone knows what it’s like to start from the bottom and work their way to the top, it’s Sofia Castro, a self-made real estate investment queen. Despite her current success, the journey to building an empire wasn’t always easy, with plenty of obstacles to overcome along the way. Having always expressed interest in becoming an entrepreneur, Sofia held down different jobs, went to school for computer technology to expand her knowledge, and worked hard to find her genuine passion in life.

Many of the jobs throughout her younger years didn’t pan out the way she expected them to. However, meeting her now-husband, Bobby, ultimately changed her life forever, where she began her path of becoming a successful entrepreneur. “When I met Bobby in 1989, he was focused on starting a business and wanted me to work for him, so I agreed to do so. I loved the idea of being a business owner.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned, and we both eventually started working other jobs in order to pay the bills,” shared Sofia Castro. “We continued to keep the faith of becoming entrepreneurs alive, which included purchasing a how-to kit and investing in an opportunity that we believed had potential. We’d work the business between our regular jobs, keeping the hustle alive to get further. Finally, the hard work paid off.”

After a year of hustling between their day jobs, things finally improved because of that initial investment made. The couple built a relationship with the owner and seller of the how-to manual, ultimately learning enough from him to get their business to grow, expand, and succeed. It became such a success that Sofia finally had the opportunity to quit her day job while working the business full-time and supporting herself as an independent woman.

“We initially had to borrow $1800 for the how-to manual on getting started. It was quite an investment, and we were nervous about making such an investment because we didn’t know what would happen or if we’d ever make enough money to pay it back. However, we were determined to make it work, so we decided to go for it,” said Castro.

“What started as an $1800 loan has since turned into a company valued at one billion dollars as of 2019. Not only did we start generating billions of dollars in revenue, but I also opened my company, Commercial Mortgage USA, during this period. In addition to real estate investments and focusing on growing multifamily investments, I aim to empower other women to get into real estate. I want women to know they can build generational wealth through real estate investing.”

As an independent and self-motivated real estate investing connoisseur and the creator of Queen Ventures, Sofia Castro hopes to inspire others with her story of success despite obstacles and valuable lessons learned throughout her journey. Her goal is to provide detailed hands-on education to other women ready to get involved in the real estate industry, build wealth, and ultimately change their lives for the better.

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