Sofia Shved on Full-Time Travel, Starting a Business in Bali and Personal Branding

Nowadays, people can say whatever they want about a company, real or false, and the business can do very little about it. A large number of businesses can fall prey to a bad reputation, even if they do not deserve it, while others are ignored by their target audience. 

Brand awareness boils down to building an effective marketing strategy and developing a solid online reputation. Public Relations (PR) firms work with companies to help them achieve this goal and promote them within their respective industries. They use some of the most effective strategies to build trust, credibility, and authority. They help brands expand their digital presence to position them for long-term success.

We recently sat down to interview Sofia Shved, the CEO of PR Novo, a public relations agency focusing on featuring brands in tier 1 publications such as Forbes, HuffPost, Inc., Entrepreneur, among others. As a public relations coach, Sofia assists consultants, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in communicating their expertise and the value of their business.

Besides working as a PR specialist, Sofia’s passions lie in traveling and exploring the different cultures and places in the world. As of writing this piece, she visited ten countries within nine months a year of traveling. She shares her experiences and travel secrets on her website, as well as her fastly growing Instagram account.

Sofia also authored a guide about the unique island of Bali to help people who want to visit the beautiful place or work there remotely find their way, cut unnecessary costs, and maximize their enjoyment. Here is what she has to say about the guide: “In this guide I am sharing my experience worth thousands of dollars that you can save during a trip. If you’ve always wanted to work remotely in a dream place or just visit Bali as a tourist – it is your opportunity to make a step forward to your wish”

Sofia was an outstanding student. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Translation Studies with honors by the age of 21, demonstrating that she possesses the necessary work ethic and intelligence to be a successful businesswoman. 

Sofia Shved used to work for the prestigious Ernst & Young firm before founding her company, PR Novo, and assisting countless brands in positioning themselves for long-term success and guiding young entrepreneurs in establishing their personal brands. While working with them, Sofia learned how to assist brands in overcoming some of their most difficult challenges and achieving success through a variety of services ranging from consulting to strategizing.

Sofia also shared some of the strategies and secrets she employs to assist entrepreneurs, such as yourself, in building their personal brands that stand out. She began by emphasizing the importance of developing credibility as a personal brand and demonstrating why people should choose your services over those of your competitors.

Sofia focuses on self-publishing, gaining media coverage, taking advantage of public speaking opportunities, and attending in-person events as some of the best strategies for building personal brands.

If you want to make a name for yourself, you should create content through blogs, videos, podcasts, and other channels that are relevant to your niche. Leveraging media coverage can also be extremely beneficial in terms of spreading the word about your company and promoting your expertise.

Public relations firms such as PR Novo exist to help rising entrepreneurs get the media coverage they require and ultimately boost their personal brands. Such strategy leads to your brand recognition as many people see your and your company’s names popping up in credible sources, higher rates of conversions, and as a result, increasing the price of your services on the market.

Consider hosting events and webinars that highlight your industry expertise. Use these events for public speaking, or look for other opportunities to share your knowledge with your community.

Check out Sofia Shved’s website to learn more about her or get her guide to Bali. You can also check out PR Novoif you need the assistance of a PR firm.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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