Solomon B Taiwo –  How to Cope With the Lockdown Stress and Attain Success as an Entrepreneur

Is the consistent lockdown and restrictions owing to the COVID-19 outbreak taking a toll on your mental health too? If the answer is yes then understand that you are not at all alone in this perpetual phase of anxiety, estrangement, anguish, and frustration.

Amidst the chaotic global pandemic, almost every person apprehends their well-being; both physical and mental. All of this is not merely the outcome after witnessing the loss of lives and health but also because scores of people have lost jobs, businesses and are constantly facing unrelenting fiscal pressure.

While the stress seems to be unswerving and intimidating, here are some ways that may help you not just come out of the stress but also ensure your success to continue despite the globally-felt aftermaths of COVID-19: 


Yes, you read it right! It is perfectly alright to feel all the stress and anxiety while this contagion keeps showing us the ugly sides of life. Understand and tell yourself that this is a phase and everyone around you is in the same boat; experiencing the same fears or maybe worse.

Feeling unhappy, agitated, depressed and extremely stressed is just part and parcel of this phase, and what matters the most is your personal growth and happiness, despite the uncertainties. Validate your feelings and brainstorm the ways in which you may use your potential differently and start taking baby steps in that direction.

“This too shall pass” was probably invented for this very phase so keep your fingers crossed and focus on your energies that can surely change the course of your life and the world. TAKE UP YOUR FAVOURITE 


It sounds more like a silver lining than an idea that, like everyone else, you must have some recreational activities to do like painting, baking, designing, gardening, making crafts etc.

Now is the time to take all of this up earnestly and through some innovation and creativity, you may start earning some bucks while staying at home. It’s like killing two birds with one stone i.e. you overcome your stress through cathartic activities and attain financial stability as a boon too. This idea is a win-win, no matter what!


Who, in today’s world, would not be aware of the all-encompassing benefits of meditation and mindfulness? Watch some video tutorials and start implementing the two essential skills in order to attain mental peace, alignment, and calm in your life. You should not be astonished to know that the most successful people in businesses and at workplaces are those who practice meditation and adopt mindfulness in their daily life.

The reason is that their minds are calmer, more aligned, and devoid of raw anxiety. GO VIRTUAL! The world we are inhabiting is constantly in some transformative mode. Who stays successful and jubilant here is defined by the fact that if someone is able to adapt to the changes well enough or not.

Thus, if you have been a teacher, start online coaching programs, if you have been a grocer, start your online selling page; if you have been an author, start providing your writing services; if you have been a business owner, take everything online and see how you would not just achieve affluence, but also save quite a few expenses which you otherwise have been taking care of. 


 In the end, just remember the fact that this is all about the mental game. What you feed to your mind is what you behave like and become. Be resolute that from this instance on you would feed your mind with all the positive emotions, lay an effective action plan and then blow the world away with your success story.

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