Solomon Lacy III Has Been Coined the “Passive Income King” For Automated Investments Via Clients

Entrepreneurs are the people who change the fortunes of thousands with their innovative ideas. This young and talented serial entrepreneur has done just that. He has garnered fame for being a credit building guru and millennial financial strategist through his personal trials of overcoming financial illiteracy and building a finance consulting firm.

Founder and owner of Fresh Start Financials Group, Solomon Lacy III says, “I think the role of the entrepreneur in the world is to find ways to do things more simple, yet still efficient and then try to do that as many times over with the help of other people.” He started this company with the dream of educating the masses on finances, thus providing a more financially smart community.

FSFG has been helping individuals and corporations for years now and is currently assisting many business owners and entrepreneurs sustain and rebuild through the global COVID-19 pandemic. Lacy has since implemented new services and added new partnerships to his business model to better assist past, current and future FSFG clients in reaching their financial goals, during this unprecedented time. New services, such as Amazon and Uber automations were added as new passive income investment opportunities for the savvy investor or funding client. These are fully automated systems to earn passively, which is an amazing investment for new and seasoned investors and business owners.

Lacy explains, “with the change of climate and decline of social interaction the only thing that hasn’t slowed down is the internet and transportation. E-commerce giant Amazon is having to mass hire and are experiencing record breaking financial days, weeks, and months for online sales, since the beginning of the shutdown. Also, roughly 76 million people rely on Uber as their go-to means of efficient and reliable car service and their numbers show no inclination of slowing down. Although the pandemic has caused a slight decline in people traveling to and from work, it has experienced record surges on all food delivery service apps.”

Lacy tells potential investors only dead fish go with the flow you have to be the flow. He likes the fact the automation service is not recreating the wheel but innovating how it’s used. Lacy’s keen ability to follow financial trends is a direct benefit of becoming a client.

Lacy’s team as a whole is outstanding and he has also fostered great partnerships in the automation, e-commerce and ride share industry’s. The team handles everything in house from sales to maintaining the accounts, managing routes, product fulfillment, and customer support — which provides a nice and professional sense of cohesiveness.

The best part about it is you spend zero dollars in marketing, zero dollars in advertising, nor are you having to change peoples buying habits like most businesses warrant. The reason why is because Amazon and Uber are established brands and don’t need your marketing. Hundreds of millions of people trust them already, they just want your service or product to be held to these established companies standards. An Amazon automation investors only responsibility is to keep an updated method of payment or cash reserve for the day-to-day scaling of product to avoid disruptions. Amazon stores can scale up as high as your capital allows with some managed clients stores doing $30,000-$250,000 gross revenue monthly.

Lacy also shows his clients how to take advantage of the built-in perks automation investing offers with credit cards and business lending opportunities. Automation investors can benefit from an influx of credit card points by doing nothing more than leveraging that card for normal and daily operations. An Uber automation client’s only responsibility is purchasing 3 vehicles. The team handles literally everything else from finding and managing reliable drivers for your fleet, which include driver training and coaching to maintain 5 star ratings, dispatching, and even provides the best money making routes. Investors tend to make $3000-$5000 cash flow per car per month through Uber Automation service.

It’s also important to note, Solomon hasn’t sold or put anyone on to something he himself hasn’t invested in. He has both Amazon and Uber automation services and they have produced over $1,000,000 in gross sales for the year 2020.

Follow Solomon as he continues to trailblaze the industry for entrepreneurs by visiting his website You can also check out his Instagram page @solomonlacyiii for more updates.

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