Solving Your Own Problems: The Basis of Entrepreneurship

If you find yourself connecting with people through creative ways, solving problems that people face on a day-to-day basis, and wanting to be fiercely independent yet successful, you have the calling to become an entrepreneur. With all the problems around the world, there is always a need for new inventions and new ways of doing things from day to day. How do you pick what problem you want to solve as an entrepreneur? 

On this episode of Making Bank, Jordan Maderich joins us to talk about his experiences from being a filmmaker to founding the world’s first and only tech-free platform to easily build your entire website. After realizing that Marketing was his true calling, Jordan got into entrepreneurship and started his own company. By doing this, he recognized some of the best ways to start a business, and how to choose which problems you should be solving. 


From Filmmaking to Marketing 

When Jordan first started on his entrepreneurial journey, he wanted to be a filmmaker. In college, he started making commercials and video animations. From there, he realized that he was building WordPress sites, which he then turned into templates to sell. Jordan would create animations, and people would buy them as a template for their websites. Eventually, he built his way up to making a feature film. After achieving this goal, though, Jordan realized a few things.

“It taught me two things. One filmmaking is like being a musician. Like there is no money in it unless you have a marketable product on the other side. But I also realized where my passion truly lies is in marketing and systems and people and culture and those types of things,” Jordan says. Although he started in filmmaking, he ended up in marketing. The inspiration he was feeling was forging the human connection, not creating a film. And this process is turning out to be quite common for filmmakers. 

 A lot of filmmakers end up becoming marketers because they have to learn how to market the films and projects to a certain audience. So much of the filmmaking industry is appealing to a specific type of human and creating a bond. Not to mention, Jordan had developed some marketing skillsets through his experiences developing animations and WordPress templates.   

 At the root of his passion, Jordan liked expressing different messages and feelings through a medium. What drew Jordan into marketing and filmmaking in the first place was the disruption of space. He wanted to do things in the best way possible. “That’s like my number one thing to do is I like to disrupt and innovate and do things better or cheaper or faster or whatever.” 

 Combining his filmmaking background with his marketing passion, and his desire to create with disrupting what is normal, Jordan created a platform that gave people higher quality for lesser price. And that ended up growing, despite Jordan not doing anything in six years, simply because it’s riding out the wave of success through the internet. 


Solving Problems the Entrepreneur Way 

Every entrepreneur wants to create a resource, tool, or product that is going to be successful in the industry and shake up the “norm.” There is a world out there with so many opportunities and the potential to start something new or change the way things are done. How exactly do you pick what you’re going to do? 

“I think the best problems for any entrepreneur to solve is their own. I always want to find some way to solve my problem. And any time you solve your own, you’re solving the problem of tens of thousands, maybe millions of people at the same time.” Jordan says. When starting a business, start with what you know – start with what’s in front of you. 

 The best entrepreneurs know that they’re going to create something that is going to improve the world around them – so why not start with your very own experiences and your very own problems that you’re facing daily. Most of the time, people have a common problem. Rarely do they put time or want to invest in solving that problem. They typically end up just dealing with it. 

To be the best of the best and to take the chances, you’ve got to do the unexpected and create new ways of doing things. “I think there’s always room for true innovation and I’ve always taken it upon myself to go solve a problem and even shake things up a bit.” 

 When you realize a problem, there can be a huge group of people who want to have that problem solved. And when you have that solution, they are drawn to you and your product or service. They like chasing you, the person who solved the issue because you had the motivation and determination to solve it for yourself. 

 This leads to a different thought process for Jordan. “I don’t look for industries or niches that have problems and then go try to solve that. I pretty much say, like, okay, if I can solve mine, I know my perspective and the problems I’m having. And if I truly solve it for myself, like authentically, then it’s the most realistic solution you could possibly find.”   

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