Someone Finally Developed a Formula for Trading Stock Options that Everyone can Follow

If you want to diversify your income but are secretly terrified of learning to trade, a process that seems mysterious and difficult to understand at best, you may very often stand on the sidelines and watch as others make money buying and selling stock options.

That paralysis can be frustrating because you can see that stock options – traded wisely – could be an excellent way to dramatically improve your financial situation, yet it takes specialized knowledge to be able to invest in a market that can change at any moment.

If you are looking for a trusted, highly respected go-to person on stock options who can demystify the stock market and show you in plain language how to time your trading, you have found an ally in Todd Rampe and his Wealth Builders Institute.

Todd is one of those rare people we all wish we had more of: someone who has 23 years in trading as well as the ability to teach you his knowledge in a clear, engaging manner. That makes him laugh a little. “It’s true that trading comes with a lot of jargon that can be intimidating,” he admits, “but anyone can learn it.

Part of the fun, I think, is being able to understand people who trade for a living and to ‘talk the talk’ just like they do.” He pauses for a moment. “And, of course, the potential to see results like they do, too.”

Todd is especially good at showing people how to take the emotion out of trading and to objectively see the signs in the market that tell you it’s the right time to sell or buy. “You and I are what are known as ‘retail traders,’” he explains. “We are non-professional traders, in other words. That makes a lot of us creatures of habit and therefore vulnerable to the professional traders’ false moves, known as head fakes.

90% of retail traders fall for those head fakes and make bad trading decisions. However, you don’t have to be part of that 90%. I teach my students how some traders end up in the 10%: they recognize those head fakes, ignore them, and wait for the real time to trade.”

To help his clients avoid being led astray by false indicators, Todd created a formula that’s been helping both him and his clients for years. “It’s very simple yet powerful,” he states. “My formula helps you spot market reversals, the key to being able to buy and sell at exactly the right time. It helped a good friend of mine, Robert, turn his $5,000 investment into $55,000 in about 90 days. We would all like to experience this, I think.”

Todd also developed the Triple Sync Logic software, a program that virtually anyone can learn to use. “I based it on what I learned back in 1998 from whom I call my ‘7-Figure Mentor,’” he says, smiling at the memory. “He helped me get rid of all the useless, redundant indicators that inevitably come with nearly every other charting platform.” 

Todd goes on to say that the Triple Sync Logic software takes the fear out of trading because it gives the user clear rules of engagement to follow, clear exit rules, and simple money management rules. “It also keeps everything simple because you get exactly what you need on one screen. Each of the three charts take up ⅓ of your monitor, so all the indicators you need for making trades will be right in front of you.”

The Wealth Builders Institute offers extensive training and support for anyone who wants to get started in trading. The Stock Options Workshop is an eight-week program that takes the guesswork out of trading. Attendees are given access to the Triple Sync Logic software, plus twelve hours of live class instruction and coaching sessions.

They are taught the unique formula for spotting market reversals as well as three ways to achieve results with the Triple Sync Logic software. Attendees also benefit from eight weeks of live coaching, ensuring that the new trader will feel supported as they enter the market.

“Look, I’m just a regular guy who figured out how to make money trading,” Todd says. “Why shouldn’t I pass on to other people what was taught to me? With the Wealth Builders Institute, you get practical guidance and information that can help you to do exactly what I did: start living and enjoying life on a different level. We all deserve to do that, don’t you think?”

For more information about how you can learn the secret of using trading to diversify your income, please see the Wealth Builders Institute’s website or contact them at:

(702) 997-5957

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