Sony to Launch ‘Signature Series’ Audio Line

Sony recently shared information on its high-end personal listening range called the Signature Series. It comes with a headphone, two Walkmans and a headphone amp. Although, prices do start at $3,200. Then there is Sony’s new flagship MDR-Z1R headphone. It has golden ratio-shaped driver grilles and large, dampened earcups.

In addition, the 70mm drivers come with a magnesium dome and “aluminum coated LCP edge diaphragm.” The earphones were developed with Mark Wilder, senior mastering engineer at Battery Studios in Manhattan. It was designed to sound like high-ceiling speakers.

Moreover, Sony’s flagship NW-WM1Z comes with solid copper housing and gold. It also has a dual clock circuit and low phase noise quartz oscillation with internal wiring by Kimber Kable. It comes with an amplifier that can decode almost every digital format. The Signature Series will be available in November–just in time for the holidays.

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