Soumita Saha: Young Singer Successfully Balancing Music and Art

Soumita Saha is an Indian Singer, Song Writer and Composer who made her debut with EDM in collaboration with Musical Artist Kraxus in 2017.

Soumita Saha is an Indian Singer, Song Writer and Composer who made her debut with EDM in collaboration with Musical Artist Kraxus in 2017. She is a versatile singer, 28 year old Soumita navigated to Tagore music in 2019.

She bridged the gap between traditional arrangements of Tagore songs and mordern music arrangements to present the old wine in new bottle with affluence. Because of her multitudinous expertise in Tagore music she is regarded as one of the youngest exponent of Tagore Music. She has done playback in Tollywood movies and Tele – films as well. She also did playback for few Dhallywood (Dhaka, Bangladesh) projects.

Soumita is not only a proficient Singer but also known for her contribution to the field of Art. She is a lionized Painter, her art work not only gets displayed in various esteemed Art Galleries in India, but also Abroad. Her Art work “Conscience of India” got Exhibited at Portland’s ‘Artreach’ Gallery on November 2020. Some of her art works got published in many magazines based in United Kingdom.

Soumita hails from Kolkata, the City of Joy. She is passionate about Music and Art balances both with ease, Soumita says ” Music and Art are like half-siblings. When we listen to music we almost touch art but not fully. Again, when we you visualize a piece of art, we listen to a music it is meant to convey, we almost hear it, but can’t execute. That’s the unconventional beauty that bridges music with art. When I sing a song, I have a picture painted to explore it’s depth.
When someone listens to the song, the picture he/she paints may be different. That’s how it works. Therefore, it is not difficult to balance. ” Some of her art work titled “Aberrant” , “Embossing Dusk ” and “Conscience of India” are renowned.
Soumita Saha’s Facebook page is a verified page with many followers. Soumita is verified Artist in Platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Jaxsta, and Jio Saavn. She is active on Instagram where she has more than 15k followers and regularly promotes many products. Soumita has been interviewed by more than 10 news publications for her work. She also is venerable for being vocal about various social issues.
Soumita pursued degree in Architecture from Delhi University. The journey to this playback singer was not a cake walk. Talking about her journey she added  “I studied Architecture, having taken Music as profession the first thing I got to hear from non-professional circuit was ‘ did you not get a job? ‘ In my professional circle also I faced judgement as well.I have always prioritized quality content over money. I used get judged and got to hear ” People like you have a back option as profession, so money barely matters to u guys”. Honestly none of these demotivated me.
Another big challenge I faced is for being a woman. ” It’s easier for woman to get success” some people used to utter such stuff out of jealousy. The funniest part is, you can’t be honest about being single. Once you confessed that you ain’t dating anybody. Your name gets linked with every guy you hang around. Specially guys in your industry”.
Her EDM debut single “Ishq” became a mega hit on music streaming platforms in 2017. Some of her work in Tagore music like “Jhoro Jhoro Borishey Baari Dhara” are mention worthy. The Indian Singer recently paid tribute to American-Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias on his birthday singing a cover version of his song.
Her tribute caught attention of Media and audience. Soumita Saha is currently busy in her EDM projects. In the covid situation the singer busy is releasing her songs on OTT platforms.
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