Southern California’s Happy Jewelers Uses Family Roots To Provide One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Experiences

In 1973, Isa Arik, the son of an Aramaic Christian farmer often dreamed of what more life had to offer beyond farming

In 1973, Isa Arik, the son of an Aramaic Christian farmer often dreamed of what more life had to offer beyond farming. At an early age, he developed a passion for fine jewelry and began to learn how to source quality materials and design pieces of jewelry that he would sell at the bazaar.

This is where his eldest son, Gabe, had a strong ambition at an early age. After seeing his father create and sell jewelry that made people happy, Gabe also wanted to be a businessman. “Our father taught us that if you want things in life, you have to work hard to obtain them, nothing is free,” said Gabe Arik.

So, at six years old, Gabe would go to the local bazaar in Istanbul after school and sell water for a nickel. He called it his very own “water business.” Soon after, he was eager to step into his father’s jewelry business.

Earning a strong reliable reputation throughout his native Turkey, Arik realized a greater opportunity and relocated his family and business to the United States in 1993. After graduating high school, Gabe enrolled at California State University, Fullerton.

He attended his first class and within 20 minutes, Gabe knew this path was not for him, and the jewelry business was where he wanted to be, so he got up, walked out of class, and told his parents college was not for him. With the full support of his parents, Happy Jewelers was born.  

Gabe and Daniel may be young in age, but like their father, they have a passion for life and people. Both Gabe and Daniel work hard to earn the respect of their suppliers and customers. They have implemented new strategies to the business that have allowed for massive growth, including a continual expansion of their product offerings.

As a family company, Happy Jewelers prides itself on a strong internal environment that creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Customer service is the absolute most important part of their business. Their goal is to make every customer that walks in, feel like family. Walking into a jewelry store can be intimidating, and it’s important to make anyone who walks through their doors, feel at ease.

While many competitors sell their pieces at retail pricing, Happy Jewelers sells at wholesale, meaning their prices are nearly 30% to 50% less than retail pricing. This business model and having core principles of treating customers like family, staying true to yourself, working hard, delivering on your promise, and doing it for a fair price has allowed Happy Jewelers to experience years of success and continued growth in the jewelry industry nationally.

To learn more about Happy Jewelers, their custom quality fine jewelry, and watches, visit their website and explore the impressive collection of jewelry on Instagram.

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