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Southern Los Angeles Rapper Presidentrj Speaks on his Path from Eviction to Recording with High Profile Artists

Presidentrj has overcome all odds to get him where he is today.

In south-central Los Angeles, up-and-coming rapper Presidentrj is hard at work completing his next full-length project. The last two years have been an actual rollercoaster ride for the young Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist, and now, he is prepping himself for a breakout in 2021. From grinding day in and day out to working with rappers like Slime Life Shawty, Presidentrj is working around the clock to produce the best “No Cap Rap” that he can.

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California, Presidentrj began pursuing a career in music in 2018. Intersecting his smooth, suave personality with his melodic vocals and storytelling prowess, Presidentrj has proven that he possesses the skills and persona to make a name for himself in the rap game. These characteristics are embodied deeply within Presidentrj’s first full-length project, STREET PRIEST, a second moniker for the young rapper.

While his name and music have been rising in stock since the release of STREET PRIEST earlier in 2020, the musical career path has not been a comfortable ride for Presidentrj at the beginning. In March of 2019, Presidentrj fell to the lowest point of his musical career and his life when he was evicted from his apartment and forced into homelessness. Before he could focus on finding money to get himself back into the recording studio, the hopeful artist had to earn money to meet his basic needs for survival. “I want people to understand the process I took to get where I am at today,” Presidentrj said about using his past in his music.

After finding himself back on his feet, Presidentrj could get back to doing what he loved but still struggled to finance his way into the studio. This has been the most challenging part for the LA rapper, he shares, as finding ways to finance studio time, production, and music videos can often be a struggle. However, when it all comes together, Presidentrj executes a strong message in his music meant to inspire. “My songs give listeners an idea of what life is like in the streets and what a lot of people have to go through to survive,” shares Presidentrj. He continues, “I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate to the place I come from. I want people to give themself a chance in life.”

Following the success of STREET PRIEST, Presidentrj is hard at work on the project’s follow up, STREET PRIEST II. The rising hip-hop artist shared that the project, set to release in January 2021, is heavily influenced by the rappers Presidentrj looks up to, especially Lil Baby and Tee Grizzly. Looking to further his message and share his history of success through music, Presidentrj is rapping with full transparency for the sake of himself and the audience.

To hear Presidentrj’s music, check out his Spotify and follow him on Instagram for updates on STREET PRIEST II.

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