Sparkling His Way To The Top As The Gen-Next Jeweller Is Godson Umeh

When we look around ourselves, we find several people who feel attracted and impressed with overnight success stories. However, often as individuals, we ignore or forget to see the relentless hard work some individuals put in their quest to reach their definition of success. All these individuals are the ones who go ahead in infusing the right energies and inspiring others through their consistent efforts and never say die attitude. We came across one such success story of a Jeweller, who exudes a high passion for going beyond boundaries and making custom jewelry designing the next in-thing in the business world; he is Godson Umeh.

Godson Umeh was born in 1995 in the United Kingdom and showed an inclination to all things that oozed newness, creativity, and uniqueness from a very early age. As a kid, Godson Umeh saw himself as a creative person with innate creative skills and talents. He loved all kinds of watches and dreamt of affording them one day. Little did he know then, that his desire to wear watches would one day take him on a journey leading to the custom jewelry business world. Godson Umeh, even as a youngster used to source watches and jewelry for friends and clients.

Sourcing these pieces increased his curiosity and interest in learning more about the business and about the production and design process. This upped his confidence to take his interest seriously and Godson Umeh set out on a trip to the diamond district in New York to find out more information and learn as much as he could. The trip proved to be fruitful for his career, where today Godson Umeh stands as a proud and self-made full-time Jeweller.

As a notable custom Jeweller and designer, Godson Umeh has worked for some prominent personalities of the world already. Some of them include Zlatan Ibile, a renowned Nigerian singer, songwriter, musician, and dancer for whom he made the ‘ZTTW’ chain. For Raheem Sterling, an English professional footballer who plays as a winger and attacking midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team, Godson Umeh made a custom throne chain and for Leon Bailey, who is a Jamaican professional footballer, playing as the winger for Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen and the Jamaica national football team, he made a custom ring.

As a 25-year-old custom Jeweller and designer, Godson Umeh exudes a powerful self-belief to bring newness in the jewelry world and spellbound customers with his custom work and designs that have the power to breakthrough in America. To know more about this young talent, follow him on Instagram @godsonumehh.

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