Spencer Vann: Sharing His Groundbreaking Surplus Fund Program to the World of Real Estate

Leading a team of finance experts train, coach and support many real estate investors and entrepreneurs to help foreclosed homeowners recover their surplus funds

Many mortgage-paying homeowners across the country face financial challenges at some point in their life. Some can come through and settle the remainder of their loans while others fail to do so and end up getting their houses foreclosed by banks which are then later on sold at higher rates. Unaware of what happens next, many homeowners move on and don’t even bother checking if there’s any sort of compensation they can claim after their foreclosed houses are auctioned or sold off. Many lawyers and even the government almost always fail to notify homeowners about their claimable sales overages known to many as surplus funds. So most often than not, not a lot of claims or recovery are being requested or processed.

One company that’s currently spreading awareness to many and is training, coaching, and supporting real estate investors and entrepreneurs to start and grow their own surplus fund recovery business is Co-founded by their CEO Spencer Vann, Surplus Fund Mastery is a team of finance coaches with years, and even decades, of experiences and expertise in the real estate industry whose mission is to create financial advancements for all individuals who have lost their homes due to bank foreclosures or who are owed money held by the government.

Spencer Vann never really aspired of being in the real estate business. Growing up, he was just more worried about making a living to help care for his family and afford the best medical treatment for his younger brother who was diagnosed with severe autism. He focused on excelling in basketball in hopes of being an NBA star one day. But his dreams of becoming an athlete all came crashing down when he shattered his ankle stripping away his dreams for good.

Constantly being comforted by his mom while he was recovering from his injury, Spencer Vann found out that his mom’s lifelong dream was to buy and own her own house. Something she never really pursued because Spencer’s, especially his younger brother’s special medical needs, needed to always come first. Wanting to help her mom buy her first house or at least connect her with the right people, Spencer started studying real estate.

After getting a taste of his first big wholesale deal at the age of 17 and eventually becoming a full-time real estate agent, Spencer Vann hungered for more knowledge and continued learning more about real estate. His constant yearning for his craft led him to discover surplus funds – money that is owed to homeowners who got foreclosed on. Collaborating with another finance expert with decades of experience, Spencer Vann established and developed a program to help real estate investors start and grow their own surplus fund recovery business.

Now, Spencer Vann and his co-founder David Church, together with their team of highly skilled finance experts, are running their company to greater heights by working with and helping more and more clients. is also growing its team of highly vetted finance coaches to be able to cater to a broader clientele.


Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.

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