Sphere Releases On-Demand Delivery App for Small Biz to Combat Virus Shutdowns

As the next wave of Coronavirus forces more small businesses to close their doors, Sphere Partners has developed a new solution to the shuttering of these small businesses: a home delivery platform that includes a web interface for managing orders, a real time dashboard for tracking deliveries and a mobile app for drivers for order management and route navigation assistance.

The platform, which is customizable for each business according to their needs, gets the products moving, spurring growth as the economy recovers. There are plenty of solutions for restaurants like Ubereats, but no solutions for small businesses, so this technology is filling a gap in the market. The concept works similarly to Ubereats, but is made for small businesses who are looking to save time and money. Merchants can reassign current employees to do deliveries, and entrepreneurs can start a brand new home-delivery business with minimal effort.

The platform allows for:

  • Receiving/creating orders, assigning deliveries, and tracking through completion.
  • Logging hours, optimized routes and navigation assistance, and managing onsite payments.
  • Viewing live dashboards, adding drivers, controlling assignments, and reporting.
  • Managing multiple store locations in one dashboard and consolidating orders to save cost+time with 24/7 service.

Founder Leon Ginsburg says, “We wanted to contribute during the pandemic and kept looking for ways to use Sphere’s capabilities to support make a difference. The home delivery solution was the answer as is tailored for small businesses that are suffering during the pandemic shutdowns, and this technology ensures that home delivery can be more widespread.”

More about Leon GinsburgFounder and CEO, Sphere Partner
A digital innovations leader, technologist, investor, and entrepreneur, Leon founded Sphere Partners in 2005 to revolutionize the delivery of remote teams. He has a passion for people, products, processes, and technologies that not only perform well, but also are human-centric and meet the needs of the user. In a time when everyone is learning to work remotely, Sphere Partners is leading the way as they have been fully remote since inception, pioneering the use of collaborative tools and video calls to get everyone connected

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