3 Spooky Good Savings Tips for this Halloween

We all love Halloween!

Between the dressing up, candy, and all the tricks, it’s easy to let yourself get swept away in all the fun. The key is to not let your budget get out of hand while enjoying yourself. It may be odd to think of the holidays as a time to budget, but it is, in fact, one of the most important times to think about green. It’s why I’ve come up with these quick tips to help you stay on budget and in costume this Halloween season. Remember, the only thing we want to be scary is your costume, not how much you spent getting it!

1. Don’t wait, act now!

Your costume is the most important part of Halloween – no one enjoys going out looking as though they threw their costume together at the last minute. So the tip #1 is: don’t wait ’til the last second!

When you wait for the last minute, not only does selection go way down, but the prices also go way up. Remember: businesses know that people wait for the last second and they’re ready to gouge you for every last penny. Same thing with your candy: look for good sales in your paper and don’t pass them up! When you plan before actually buying, it helps limits impulse buys.

An important part of budgeting is not only avoiding going over budget but also helping you get as much as possible out of your budget. Planning your costume, where you buy your candy, and what you intend to do on Halloween will allow you to plan and adjust your budget accordingly.

*** Bonus tip: don’t be afraid to start super early – who cares how it looks if it’s your favorite season?***

2. Shop the outlets!

Halloween costumes can get so expensive. It’s crazy to think that people are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars on an outfit that they will literally wear once.

There are a ton options on places to get a costume other than just Halloween stores. Try creating your costume from thrift store finds. In San Diego, some of my favorite thrift stores are in North Park and Hillcrest. They have amazing clothes for a great value and here’s the best part: there are so many stores within walking distance that if you don’t find what you’re looking for at one, you still have a ton of options.

Don’t forget that a lot of thrift stores are attached to charities and non-profits, so not only are you getting a great deal, but you’re also helping a good cause. If you don’t like rummaging through all the shelves, try something like OfferUp or Etsy. If you followed tip #1, you should have plenty of time to have it shipped to you.

Don’t just go cheap for your costume; try Dollar and thrift stores for decorations and small candy too!

3. Repurpose decorations

Decorations are so much fun but they get expensive -fast. But you can actually save money by repurposing decorations from one season to the next. Pinterest is a great resource for finding fun ways to do so.

Also, getting decorations out of season is way cheaper, so go get some old thanksgiving decorations and turn them into spooky pumpkins, or even an old Santa Claus outfit to make a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

It may seem silly to be using Christmas decorations in October, but trust me that you’ll save a lot of money. Not only can you use decorations you already have, but you can also buy them out of season for a fraction of the usual cost.

***Bonus tip: buy next year’s Halloween decorations in November***

Holidays can be a lot of fun, but keeping yourself on budget and on task should be your top priority. When budgeting for your holiday season, keep in mind that you may have to buy food and drinks for parties or events. Always try to keep a little extra in your budget so that if there are any emergencies, you won’t go over-budget. Don’t stress out over the small stuff and use these tips to effortlessly save cash. Keep the spooky in your yard and out of your wallet this year.

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