Spotify Premium and the Swedish Companies Rise to Prominence

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Spotify’s premium service is an excellent tool for any business owner and entrepreneur. Music can help you relax, reduce stress, and strengthen customer relations. Good music streaming apps are an underrated aspect of any successful business, and that’s exactly what Spotify Premium offers its customers; a solid streaming app with unmatched perks.

Have you ever bonded with a stranger over a song you both like and a TV show you’re currently watching? Those connections are both powerful and rare, and when found, can instantly lead to a business transaction. So let’s say you’re at that pop-up event, looking to raise energy levels and arouse customer curiosity, but don’t have any service. That’s OK because, with Spotify Premium, you can download music to your phone and listen to it anytime, regardless of your internet connection or Wi-Fi signal.

Working to stay in shape and raise those endorphins, but don’t want the flow interrupted by annoying advertisements? Another significant part of Spotify’s premium service is its ad-free non-stop music guarantee. This way, you can stay in the zone longer without interruptions or someone trying to sell you something you don’t need.

Another great feature of Spotify’s Premium service is the ability to play any song you want. With Spotify premium, you can play any song anytime. So say you can’t get out of your head, or a customer requests a song, you can do just that with Spotify premium. That peace of mind alone is worth the upgrade.

Also, if you’re getting tired or want to skip over a song in a certain playlist and get on with the groove with the Premium service, that’s all up to you. Unlimited skips all the time. Sometimes, a song can ruin a mood, and this ability rests those anxieties tied to an unexpected vibe killing bad music.

How did Spotify get so big in the first place? First, let’s look at how this Swedish audio streaming and media services platform reached 406 million monthly active users, including roughly 180 million paying subscribers.

Spotify was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, by former CTO of Stardoll, Daniel Ek, and co-founder of Tradedoubler, Martin Lorentzon. The company’s title was derived from a misheard name shouted by Lorentzon. They took this misheard word and brainstormed an etymology of a combination of “spot” and “identify.”

In February 2009, Spotify began public registration for free streaming services in the United Kingdom. Registrations immediately skyrocketed upon the release of its mobile service, which eventually led to Spotify briefly halting registration for free service in September. Realizing they had something special, they decided to change the app in the UK to invitation-only.

Spotify launched in the United States in July 2011, offering a six-month, ad-supported trial period where new users were allowed to listen to unlimited music for free. In January 2012, once the free trial periods expired, Spotify decided to limit users to ten hours of streaming and five plays per song each month. That March, Spotify chose to remove limits on the free service, generating untold numbers of followers and subscribers.

Spotify’s Premium service is a must-have for any entrepreneurial hustler, small or large business owner, entrepreneurial hustler. It can be examined as a business that profited and rose to prominence during the application revolution.


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