Spotlight – Jayson Casper

Right now, crypto kind of feels like trench warfare – we are being attacked from all sides with limited cover. Prices are down and some people are becoming battle weary. But in these times, it’s important to continue learning and also to maintain a sense of humor.

Thankfully, there are people like Jayson Casper who continue to educate while making us laugh. I came across his YouTube channel a few months ago and added it to my lineup of crypto content. So, we’ll be discussing his YouTube channel, some of his non-traditional chart patterns, and other things he does with his life.

Jayson’s self-titled YouTube channel is just shy of 100k followers and has a combination of pre-recorded videos and live streams. In a nutshell, he does technical analysis-based videos for the crypto market and tends to focus on shorter-term trade setups. He is transparent in announcing when he personally enters into and out of trades which helps to build trust. Additionally, he offers training courses if you want to learn his specific style of trading and analysis. You can find his Linktree here.

But what really drew me to his channel is his use of humor. In this video, he introduces us to several little-known, yet highly scientific chart patterns while also managing to roast the mainstream media for good measure. The video begins with an article from Vox telling people that now might be a good time to quit crypto. He reminds us that the media deserves to be mocked for spreading garbage information by reading the headline in a Bill Gates impersonation; it just works.

Then, a reminded that no one really knows exactly where the market will go, he asks about the fate of the crypto market, answering with “it depends” while holding up a pair of depends underpants for dudes…lol. This quickly transitions to some serious analysis for about 30 seconds before Jayson introduces us to the “dreaded bald-headed Gary Gensler market cipher B pattern” with a picture of two of Gary’s bald heads, indicating a decrease in price.


Later on, the video takes on a more serious tone with some really nice reverse head and shoulders and Fibonacci analysis. Interestingly, this video was from last week and he accurately predicted the significant drop we’ve seen so far this week. So maybe he’s onto something with the dreaded bald-headed Gary Gensler chart analysis; just saying.

In addition to crypto, Jayson is also heavily into fitness, faith, and homesteading. Fitness and overall health are such an important part of life, and they can often get overlooked in the crypto-sphere. I don’t know as much about his homesteading efforts, but I’ve seen a few videos of him growing large plots of potatoes and vegetables – another valuable skill.

Overall, Jayson is making some really good content on YouTube that helps keep us educated and laughing, which in my book are two excellent things. At the same time, Jayson is promoting a healthy lifestyle in mind and body. Learning new things, being healthy, and having a strong spiritual foundation is how we become more resilient to meet life’s challenges. And in case you haven’t looked around in a while, there will be significant challenges in the near future. So, what are you doing to prepare?


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